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WordPress Development Trends To Opt For 2018

When looking back at 2017, it can be said that it was overall an awesome year for WordPress and web design. Though there were various stories about security breaches and instances of branding gone wrong, but such kind of stuff is inevitable when you see how many websites are in existence. Considered as one of the ultimate platforms for web designing, WordPress is being used by thousands of businesses and is the most popular CMS. With its simple to use features, it has become one of the most sought-after solutions. Being user-friendly and responsive in nature, WordPress themes are sure to take your business to new heights.

Keeping up with the latest industry trends, it keeps changing and becoming better and offers users something extraordinary every time. Nowadays, almost 27% of the websites all across the globe are designed using WordPress and its latest version is on the verge of releasing. With the latest version, you will get to see advancement in editing code, presence of themes using plugins and their personalization. Though simplicity and user-centric approach lead the show, still there are certain designing elements that are going to enjoy more popularity in WordPress websites and blogs in the coming future. In this article, we will be discussing some of the highly popular WordPress design trends that are expected to rule the web world in 2018.

Let’s have a glimpse

1. Video Headers

There is no denying fact that virtual reality and video will be ruling 2018 trends in web design and undoubtedly WordPress is leading the path. The platform completely supports virtual reality content, video and 360 degree images that are sure to dominate the website designing. With numerous themes and plugins available online, there are more to come in the coming days. There are some WordPress themes that enable users to edit a video header and include images to enrich the appeal. Though video header is a traditional concept for developers but in WordPress, it is the latest trend. This enables the developer to grab the attention of new viewers to the site and enhance the sales.

2. Parallax Design & Site Responsiveness

Responsiveness is vital for running an e-commerce website as it has direct impact on the success of business. These days, the number of mobile users are skyrocketing and thus it is vital that your website opens easily on any device enabling you to prosper your business on a larger scale. Parallax design assists you to make one-page website more responsive. This concept is extremely popular and utilized by almost every website in the market.

3. Ecommerce Themes

Rather than depending on any ecommerce platform, you can easily select your old WordPress for ecommerce by just making use of ecommerce themes. With the help of a WooCommerce plugin, you can easily turn your WordPress site into a fully operational business site with extraordinary features meant for any business transaction. Right from creating an interactive product page with rich filters to introduce good gateway and payment options, an ecommerce theme is sure to transform your WordPress site into business site seamlessly.

4. Drag & Drop WordPress Themes

With drag and drop feature, WordPress has become extremely hassle-free for any new developer or novice. This feature enables you to simply drag and drop the images and files on your site and retain total control over the design elements without even changing the whole structure of the site. The modifications are simple and even any novice can also make use of its numerous features. The changes can be done in no time giving scalability and flexibility to the developers.

WordPress offers both paid and free versions of the themes. Drag and drop themes enable users to develop and personalize websites without writing any code. These are basically dynamic in nature and allures coders as well as non-coders equally.

5. Bold Fonts and Large Typography

Bold typography is the latest trend that is in quite some time now. All thanks to the growing number of freely present custom fonts along with the enhancement in device capabilities. As a result, websites can now be designed with really big letters. Paired with huge whitespace, this makes reading and skimming much easier. In the coming year, web designers can be seen taking more advantage of this especially for replacing images. As fonts are scalable and lightweight, they enable you to make a visual statement without forcing a browser for downloading larger images.

6. Animated Elements

Though animation has been among the popular design trends since last two years, in 2018, you can expect various latest tweaks to this trend. The WordPress designers can now employ complicated animation design techniques to stand ahead of others. All these latest trends can be tweaked later on and introduced more alluringly.

7. Landing Page Style

One page design is gaining immense popularity nowadays mainly because minimalism makes it simpler for us to get involved and engaged. Most importantly, they generally aim on one thing which assists them better in respect of business conversion. So, in 2018 you will come across various WordPress websites which will aim on selling a specified product or service. You can expect many more WordPress websites to be developed in the fashion of landing pages with mere a befitting visuals, killer presentation and call to action buttons.

Final Gist

To sum up, the WordPress designing trends are more to expect in the coming future. You can see web designers to work really hard in order to get the unique appeal and feel in their site than ever before. We have tried our best to cover all the vital points that are going to roll in 2018. Still, if you feel we have missed out certain points, then feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

Author’s Bio : Jean Turner is a highly talented developer and a professional blogger at a renowned company named theem’on. She has expertise in designing premium WordPress themes along with the premium WordPress plugins. Owing to the immense skill set and dexterity, she has achieved desired results till date. Apart from this, she also loves sharing her knowledge on WordPress themes by writing informative blogs. This blog is one of his exceptional composition aimed at providing good knowledge to readers.

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