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WordPress 4.6 Released – What New Features “Pepper” Includes?

Yes, it’s worth it. But, I won’t tell you to go, grab it, before actually letting you know why!

It is probably one of the most crucial updates this time, and yes, merely four months after the release of WordPress 4.5 “Coleman”. The latest version has been dubbed “Pepper” to honour Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III, a popular jazz baritone saxophonist.

Dominik Schilling gave a heads up on the latest release with support from Garth Mortensen as well as 272 contributors. The good news is that this version is available in 52 languages, all thanks to the translator community!

Wait Before You Update

Of course, it’s a Yes to updating your WordPress with the new version. But, don’t make a mistake of failing to keep a backup of all your files and data. Properly check if plugin or theme providers have specified anything related to “Pepper” support. Preview before you actually change your whole website.

Smooth Updates

With the earlier versions, a progress screen appeared on installing or updating any new theme or plugin. Though, it wasn’t any big issue, it caused distraction for users and consumed time in an additional page loading.

With WordPress 4.6, the updates are all smooth and streamlined. Installing or updating a plugin or theme no more will redirect you to another screen.

wordpress 4.6

Content Retrieval to Browser

Perhaps, the recovery options that come packed with the new WordPress version will not disappoint you. It has happened far too often that when you go to touch up and restore a draft, you go there only to discover all content having somehow disappeared.

Over using the “compare drafts” screen, you find it much better to write the desired content all over again. Isn’t it?

But, no more will it be a problem for you with the latest release’s ability to save your draft to your browser. You heard me! No more do you need to worry over a particular piece of content going into trash. You have an automatic solution for it.

New Auto Save Feature

The auto-save feature has dramatically improved with the new version of WordPress. It doesn’t affect restoring posts anymore on disabling revisions. Now, users can easily restore posts from their browser backups.

Native System Fonts Adorn the Admin Block

To sync with the various kinds of platforms and devices, WordPress initially introduced Open Sans font, which provided a stable appearance everywhere. But, it made WordPress to depend on a third party source, while eating a lot of time in admin page loading.

WordPress 4.6 combats this issue with incorporation of numerous system fonts in the admin area, thus giving it a unique appearance on different devices.

Various system fonts integrated with WordPress admin area:

  • Apple-system for Safari and Firefox on macOS and iOS
  • Segoe UI for Windows
  • Cantarell for GNOME
  • Oxygen-Sans for KDE
  • Roboto for Android and Chrome OS
  • Standard sans-serif
  • Ubuntu for Ubuntu
  • Helvetica Neue on macOS prior to 10.11
  • BlinkMacSystemFont for Google Chrome on macOS

Exceptional New Features for Developers

  • HTTP API that uses Requests PHP library
  • Multisite performance enhancements
  • New Meta Registration API
  • Better Translation loading
  • Improved WP_Term_Query and WP_Post_Type
  • Updated JavaScript libraries
  • Customizer validation

Broken Link Highlighting

Broken links do nothing except ruining the user experience and SEO of your website. “Pepper” makes sure to examine such links to ensure they are healthy and working.

A Final Take

“Pepper” has really added pepper for ensuring an enhanced user experience. Hopefully, this article is informative for you to learn all about the latest WordPress release. I’m sure many WordPress 4.6-wrapped features would get you excited about it already. Now, it’s time to say Go, grab it!

Hail WordPress 4.6.


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