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WordPress 4.4 A Revolutionary Way To Publish

Clifford, the upgraded version WordPress 4.4 is named after Clifford Brown, the Jazz musician. The new version is designed by TakashoIrie who is well known for developing the last two default themes of WordPress. With five colour themes and variations as well as custom colour options, it offers a number of different features such as customized header styles and optional sidebar.

The latest version of the CMS Twenty Sixteen is available for download and can be updated from existing dashboard. It would be right to say that it has become more responsive and efficient. Some of the unique and exclusive touches have been given to the traditional blogging layouts.

A Glimpse of Twenty Sixteen

  • Exclusive color themes along with flexible header makes content excel
  • Receptive layout compatible over different browsers
  • Accessible theme that fits perfectly over all devices
What Makes it Different

The web design settings and enhancements have become more responsive and focus on linking the content and elements across sites. The default theme offers a stripped down edition of a blog post and an all new approach to blogging experience.

Multiple File Display

Integrated with the srcset attribute the default theme offers to display images in different dimensions such as retina screens. This permits the browsers to select appropriate file on their own.

Extended Support for oEmbed

In the previous versions, the WordPress users were offered embed Twitter and YouTube contents which is now enhanced to even more contents. Yes,WordPress 4.4 allows embedding Reddit Comments, VideoPress, Speaker Deck, Cloudup and ReverbNation and this let WordPress users curate content from entire web.

Comprehensive Blogging

WordPress 4.4 is considered a revolutionary idea as it opens door for average collaborative blogging. It allows users to first embed and then respond to the posts on their very own sites. This ultimately makes WordPress publish an open conversation.

Remarkable Changes

There are a couple of noticeable changes made to the WordPress 4.4 default theme.

(i) REST API is been erected as a core feature. WP API is still required by API Endpoints as plugin, but there are rumours that it will be available as a core feature in the subsequent release.
(ii) Developers are encouraged to step over title tag feature instead of wp_title() method.
(iii) wp_title() is accounted to be denounced, but it will be continued for a short duration.


WordPress 4.4 is a revolutionary step towards WordPress and this takes the CMS to the new heights. The improvements being made to the functionality and appearance will definitely make it efficient for the developers. Though the developers have to work a little more on getting their hands on this upgraded version, they will find it much proficient than before.

Images have become more responsive, the major change can be noticed in the oEmbed, as this is the grand feature of the updated edition. These changes have contributed a lot to WordPress and this gives acceleration to the blog publishing experience.


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