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Why is WordPress the best CMS in Terms of SEO?

The arrival of the WordPress has revolutionized the web development industry. It is one of the best CMS systems helping businesses to promote the products and service. Web pages created with the application are optimized and rank high on the search engine rankings. People have seen their returns increase by leaps and bounds. Here is the list of advantages of using WordPress CMS

The optimized website from the ground up

Creating optimized website is extremely easy using the WordPress. Gone are the days when you had to be an excellent coder to accomplish the task. Set up the database and fill the WP config file to design the website. The process is extremely simpler as users have to sign in to create and host the website. In fact, users do not have to edit even a single PHP file.

WordPress SEO

The application provides on page SEO to the users as they can optimize every component on the website. Moreover, they do not have to be technically skilled to do the job. WP CMS has an easy user interface that helps even the layman to make websites appealing to the audiences.


One of the most important advantages of the WordPress is customization of the web application. Any developer can create a Plug-in that seamlessly blends into the site. It also contains fabulous web theme templates for various business niches. All the websites created with WordPress strictly adhere to the rules of SEO due to the open nature of the community. As a result, they can easily be updated and also occupy the top rankings in the search engine listings.

Why are WordPress Permalinks essential?

After installation, users can directly navigate to the settings tab and click on the drop down menu. It contains a section called the Permalink with default setting options such as URL. The uniform resource locator consists of few odd characters and numbers. You should click on the post name alternative to restructure the uniform resource locator. After optimization, the crawler may immediately index the web pages. It also empowers the users to edit the content of the website according to their requirements and specifications.

Title Tags and Headings

It is quite easy to optimize the title, tags, and headings of the website. You can access the add page/post link and append the content to the website. Adding title is a breeze as it is encoded in the H1 and H2 tag. You can zero in on the final choice depends on the theme of the template used for the website. Under the heading section, one can check and edit the URL without writing a single line of code.

Optimizing content

Making the content user-friendly is the business objective of the users and the WordPress makes the process simpler. Navigate to the visual rich text editor to change the font type of the letters, add headings or upload images. Adding and enhancing content through the graphical user interface help to enhance the ranking of the website. All the SEO elements are included into the website by default.

The speed of the website

If the website provides high access speed to the users, it transforms the user experience. Google now evaluates the speed of the website to evaluate the rankings. If your old CMS is not delivering high performance, it is time to switch over to the WP environment. By default word, press websites load at a lightning speed however they become slow depending on the content of the clients. Thanks to numerous plugins, you can still maintain the fast loading speed of the web page. Generally, people use Super cache widgets to improve the performance of the website.

Mobile friendly

Majority of people accessing websites use their smart phones and tablets. WordPress websites are mobile friendly with scores of theme that can be easily displayed on the small screen. A simple website created in WP can easily incorporate suitable plug-in to make the app Google compliant. Responsive design theme increases the popularity of the website among the niche users.

Plugins are highly versatile

Customized Plugins are available for the developers for the optimization of the website. There are thousands of developers across the globe providing free widgets to the users. You can install them on the WordPress Blog for optimization and quick navigation. It’s a very simple process like drag and drops; therefore you can include any themes of your choice. Browse the internet and find as many options as possible to customize the website. WordPress CMS makes web optimization easy as a single click on the widget streamlines Robots.TXT file, canonicalization and XML site maps. In addition, open source community assistance is also available to make the website robust and scalable. It is a boon for the businesses looking to expand their customer base.

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