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4 Most Common Web Hosting Problems that Affect Your Revenue and How to Avoid Them

With the increasing popularity of the internet, many people are finding it important to establish an online presence. Businesses can only enjoy the immense benefits of online platforms if they have a good web hosting service. However, there are a few issues that hinder the smooth running of an online business. In this post, we will look at the four most common web hosting problems currently affecting websites globally.

There are many issues you will be faced with, so this article will underline a few very important lessons to take away:

  • Pay very careful attention before you sign the contract with a new web hosting service.
  • Never underestimate the importance of customer care support.
  • Consider what would happen in the case of server downtime and how fast they will solve the issue.

Slow Loading

Slow Website Loading

According to studies done in 2010, it only takes a customer three seconds to abandon a web page if it does not load fast enough. When there are increased incidences of customers abandoning your site, you may get less traffic. Web hosting problems are some of the most common causes of a slow website. For instance, a connection issue between the hosting server and user’s computer leads to the interruption of communication paths. Hence,it reduces the speed of the site.

Server spikes can also cause slow speeds from time to time. This often happens in shared server hosts where multiple users access the same physical hardware.

To solve the problem, you need to trace the troubleshooting steps again. Check the exact location of the web hosting company to determine how you can increase the uploading speed for your users. Data centers that are located near users enhance the loading rate of the website. Check the latency period with the hosting services provider to help you determine the right approach to take. Ensure the hosting company provides you with technical support and quality hardware to handle the latency and speed issues.



One hour of downtime can result in losses worth thousands of dollars for an online-based business. The most common cause of downtime is a failure of the hardware and software used to support the web hosting system. The web hosting server suddenly becomes unavailable during a downtime, making it impossible for anyone to access your website. Some downtime can occur due to power outages at the hosting service provider premises. You need to take care of it and reduce the frequency as much as possible.

Contact your web hosting provider to know the exact cause of a downtime. Sometimes, the company purposefully causes them to allow the installation of updates or perform regular maintenance. At times, the downtime may be due to security breaches and other emergency hosting situations. Revisit your contract agreement with the hosting company to determine whether it has up-time guarantees.

You might also consider upgrading the security if you have a VPN or a dedicated server. It is also vital to ask the hosting company if they have maintenance windows to allow you to notify the customers of any planned downtime.

Exorbitant and Hidden Costs

Hidden cost

Sometimes you may settle for a web hosting company because it has cheaper options, only to realise later that there are hidden costs. This will leave you with a feeling of betrayal and extortion. You need to be vigilant enough and avoid such scams. First, you only get what you pay for. Some companies use prices to attract customers only to disappoint them later with substandard services.

Ensure the company gives you a clear breakdown of what you will gain from their services. For instance, determine whether the company asks for an advertising space on your site. Get to know the products you will be paying for to be on the safer side.

Never fall into the trap of web hosting companies that promise unlimited bandwidths because there are some hidden points associated with this option. In most cases, there will be a cap on your traffic, and you might be charged if you exceed the unlimited amount.

Slow Solution to Issues

Most hosting companies are only great when everything is running smoothly. The moment things begin to go wrong, they change unexpectedly. Some of them do not even consider the fact that you have a lot of customers to serve and that you will be losing money as a result of a downtime. They stall and comfort you with promises only to solve the problem one week later, leaving you waiting in growing frustration. Remember, you need to invest money in your website in order to achieve success, and your web hosting service is certainly the foundation that holds it all together. If it fails to deliver, your efforts are for naught.

The best solution is to ensure you understand the company’s support system before you sign a contract with them. You need to determine whether they have a support channel that suits your most common means of communication. Look at their website. Check whether they have phone contacts, and email addresses on the website.

Consider whether there is 24/7 customer support system with a live person to attend to your needs. Some companies will simply provide a contact form or a FAQ page as the only means of answering customer questions and knowing about their problems. Contact forms and FAQs may not be the right channel to solve downtime.

Also, make sure you look for online reviews and testimonials about the company before you make the final decision. Ask around to get an honest opinion from someone who has had a previous experience with the company.

These problems are the most common in the web hosting industry. The good thing is that it does not take so much money and effort to avoid or solve them.

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