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Ways to Make your Website more User-friendly

With the ever growing popularity of the Internet, people are searching the web for almost all their needs. We have websites for all purposes and also have multiple websites for the same requirements. So now the question arises how to stand apart from the rest? How to beat the competition? Following a few simple steps you can make your website much more appealing to your users and will encourage them to visit the website over and over again. Website design is all about having an everlasting impact on your users. Let’s see how you can achieve that goal.

State the Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The unique selling point (USP) is a marketing concept that tells us how we can differentiate our product from other products in the market. Before building a website you should keep a few important things in mind. Firstly, you should identify your target audience and their attention span and then frame your contents accordingly. Your website should clearly state the best services it can offer to its customers in a very simple and a transparent manner. It is nothing but instilling more confidence in the users so that they choose only your website for a specific need. Not to forget that your content should be regularly updated so that it does not become monotonous and boring for a regular user. Users should have a fresh experience periodically when visiting your site.

Design of the Website

The most important aspect of a website is its design. Design varies according to the purpose of your website. Simpler the design of your website, the better will the user experience which will attract more users to your website on a frequent basis. As images have a prolong effect on a user, you can also present images on your home page which showcase the information you want to convey to your users. The webpage should facilitate simple and swift navigation and accessibility options across all the web pages.

The design of the website should complement the USP of the website and designing such websites is a piece of cake for experienced¬†website design professionals.¬† For example, the USP of google.com is that it is the world’s best search engine and all you see is a search bar on the home page. The design of the page is such that for every search, the results are well-organized and sorted. Hence, this makes sure that the users are always satisfied with the experience.

Proper Utilization of Screen Space

No user appreciates a webpage that is crowded with information all over. This is where clever data management and relevant links come into the picture. You should create sub-links or separate web pages in a logical hierarchy so that all the required information falls at one place at the same time. It will make the pages look appealing as well as easy-to-follow to the user. The font size of headings and content should be proportioned and aptly-sized for users to read easily. Color used on the website should be appropriate for the purpose. If possible, the graphics used on the website should be meaningful and prevent the use of animation and other effects. To meet the growing demands, the website should ideally also feature an option of social sharing and mobile phone compatibility.

Complete Information on the Website

Incomplete or irrelevant information of the website is the biggest turn-off for the users. It’s simple if you don’t serve them well what they want then they’ll find an alternative and you will end up on the losing side. As much as possible try having all the functionality working well and as per user’s need before making your website live. Make sure your website does not provide a wrong response to a user’s query. Understand the requirement of user and think like them. Provide all the necessary contents on your website so that is easy for users to not only digitally but also mentally connect with your website.

Feedback from Users

Feedback helps us know that whether or not our message is clearly conveyed to our customers. Having an additional section of feedback helps you realize the changing needs of your users and keep on improving. This is a very important aspect of a growing business which makes your organization suit to purpose to their customers.

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