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7 Effective Ways to make your E-commerce Magento Website Successful

Excellence in developing full-fledged Magento web store comes when you start understanding the multiple aspects of an eCommerce web development. Creating a visually appealing online store will definitely boost the web traffic, but for higher sales, you need to think out the ways to improve the speed as well as user experience of your e-store.

Magento without a doubt is an ideal solution for creating highly interactive eCommerce store. It offers a host of beautiful themes, powerful extensions, and out-of-the-box features to let you develop user-friendly web store with ease. The platform gives you the flexibility and control to analyze the needs of your business and tailor the functionality according to your specific expectations.

Although Magento is a great eCommerce platform to start off, you need to consider a few things while designing your new web store. If you want to make your site a success, then keep on improving the design, functionality, loading speed, structure and navigation, checkout process and of course, the user experience of your site to generate heavy sales.

In this blog post, we will share the seven most compelling tips that will help you achieve the goal of running a successful Magento e-store. So, once you have decided to launch your own eCommerce website, consider the following approach for more sales.

1. Selection of a right theme

Starting off an eCommerce business with the selection of a right theme can help you create a unique web presence quickly and easily. A beautiful and clean-coded theme can enhance the overall design of your web store, and stimulate visitors to navigate through your web pages.

It simply reflects the self-hood of your organization, and defines your goals more clearly to your targeted web audience. So, make sure you choose a relevant, custom, and responsive theme/template that can take the web design of your online store to the next level.

Fortunately, Magento comes up with a plethora of visually-appealing themes that let you save your cost and time while designing your store from scratch. You can even tweak the color scheme, fonts, layouts, headers and other web design aspects to fit your business needs. While some themes work well for small online businesses (who have a few products), the same list won’t match the needs for those who have hundreds of products listed across multiple categories.

So, first need to understand the size of your business, analyze your organizational goals and examine the plan for growth while selecting a theme for Magento eCommerce site.

2. Build Simple and Intuitive Shopping Cart

Giving a user-friendly shopping experience should be the primary goal of every online store owner. Typically, web visitors love those e-stores that allows them to find, pick and buy the product(s) quickly and easily. Instead of spending hours on a complex shopping cart, customers prefer e-stores where they can get a user-friendly shopping cart system for online sales.

A simple and user-friendly shopping cart can help you convert your web visitors into potential web customers and buyer with ease. On the contrary, a complicated shopping cart can distract your visitors and also affect the overall sales of your online store.

Therefore, its is better to create simple, and intuitive shopping cart that lead you towards the growth of your eCommerce store. The best part is that Magento offers a fully hosted, subscription-based cart that provides all the hosting, payment integration, and phone-based support to give your web customers a quick and enhanced user experience while shopping on you e-store.

3. Simplify your checkout process


If you want to generate sales for your online store, you need to understand what your customers actually expect from you. They don’t want to access a complicated and annoying checkout process while buying products online it can be frustrating for customers.

So, make sure that you create a simple and hassle-free checkout experience for your real-time customers. With the use of a reliable Magento extension such as Checkout Suite to help you create one-page checkout process for your web store, without any coding knowledge.

4. Make your e-store SEO-friendly


One of the biggest advantages of Magento is that it is the most search engine friendly eCommerce web platform across the web. But for effective results, you need to improve the inbuilt SEO – capabilities by optimizing your website page titles, meta data, adding rich keywords, generating XML sitemap, and by avoiding duplicate content in your Magento Store. You can even optimize the URL’s of your web pages by adding the main keyword that is relevant to your business to generate higher ranking on Google and other search engines.

To get maximum sale of your product via search engines, you need to optimize the content of your online store. Since every product page contains the meta tag settings, you can easily set the standard tags such as meta title, meta keywords, and meta description for improved SEO- ranking.

Well, there are plenty of stunning SEO extensions for Magento that can help you achieve the same quickly and efficiently.

5. Offer Preferred Payment Method Options


An eCommerce web development is a huge platform. It is an ideal online marketing platform that empowers you to promote your products and services across the globe. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the preferred payment methods of different markets all around the world if you want to generate more sales and revenues.

For an example, payment via credit card is more common in the U.K and U.S, while some other countries prefer bank transfers.

In short, providing multiple payment options to your potential customers can be very crucial to the success of your Magento e-store.

6. Social Media Integration


Social Media is one of the most convenient and effective platforms for digital marketing. The social networking websites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter never fails to drive a good chunk of traffic towards your online store.

You just need to promote your products and services by sharing your blog posts/products/URLs on these websites. You can also integrate social media icons on your web pages to encourage consumers to share your product on their personal social networking account -this will help you make more sales.

7. Security Enhancement


Security is always a big concern when it comes to running an eCommerce website. Since there are hundreds and thousands of online fiscal shams, it becomes essential to give your web customers a safe and secure online payment transaction.

If you want to make your Magento web store a success, then encourage real-time buyers to make payments online after purchasing their desired product from your online store.

Final Words

These are the seven most useful tips that can help you make your Magento eCommerce platform successful. The blog post covered the entire components of a fully-fledged eCommerce platform that can help you reach the new height of success quite easily within a short time span.

About the author:
Linda Wester is professional web developer associated with HireMagentoGeeks, a PSD to Magento Company. She is also an enthusiastic blogger who loves to dig into Magento, explore what’s possible and share her knowledge with other readers on the web.

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