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6 Surefire Ways to Make Your App Go Viral in the App Store

The current scenario of app stores today is clearly shown by a report released by Statista in which it says that android users were able to avail nearly 2.2 million apps and whereas Apples’s App store was available with 2 million apps which stands as the second largest app store in the market.

A scenario with tons of apps makes this app world more competitive for the newbies who come up with launching their apps with new ideas. And a report released after checking the success status of the apps in apps stores says that 50% of iOS apps and 64% of android apps are seen below poverty line.

In order to overcome this fact, an app strategy must be followed to make your app successful among these millions of apps. To gain a high app exposure you must follow some of the strategies to stand out unique in this app competitive world!

1. Be Keyword Centric

Like every search engine the app stores are also functioning based on the keywords. To make your app stand out, better know your competitors and analyse the respective keywords most used and concentrate on a strong keyword optimization.

2. Use eye-catching icon

App icons

Stats have proved that humans are 90% visual beings and naturally tend to show response towards the things that are eye pleasing. So make sure in analysing the icons of your competitors’ logos/icons and keep in mind to pitch an attention grabbing ones and make sure that the icon communicates with the way its designed!

3. Category Matters

Placing the app under the right category is very essential since it plays a major role where the app has more chances of getting noticed while people browse through the categories in the app store. Place your app in the category which best fits the main functionality of your app.

4. Build Reputation


Building positive reviews and gaining top ratings are more powerful than you spend on creating images or videos for marketing your app. These positive reviews actually creates a strong belief among the visitors to start using your app. And that’s how your reputation gets built followed by an increased number of users for your app.

5. Create Branding

Branding is very important that acts more powerful and spreads viral. Media reach would be faster in this tech world. Make sure to get featured on all the possible media sites, respective tech sites and every location where the people meet-up.

6. Keep users connected

Users connected

Once your app is downloaded you have actually crossed half of the achievement only. The rest to be achieved is left behind. A recent report from the analytics firm localytics have said that 22% of the downloaded apps are opened just once.

To overcome such cases just focus on making your users to come back and visit your app and never let them travel towards your competitors! This can be done by following few things like sending push notifications that has attractive special offers, app updates, user-oriented concepts etc.

The app’s success exclusively depends on the steps that are taken and executed right after the very next minute the app is released and made live in the app store.

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Vakula Chetty working in Contus, a Mobile App Development company located in Atlanta. Interested in writing articles related to latest Technologies that cover information about Mobile Applications, Web applications etc.

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