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Was PSD to HTML Ever a Good Idea for Development?

It is completely wrong to say that PSD to HTML was not a good idea for development. Of course, it is a very good idea for front end development. Many new technologies already boost up this grown field. PSD to HTML conversion is one of the best ways to build a dynamic website at low cost. It helps in generating good revenue for your company and lets you have a strong online presence over the web. That’s why PSD to HTML conversion is majorly adopted by digital agencies in 2017.

Without wasting a minute, we will check out the top reasons why PSD to HTML is good for development but before this, it is required to understand well the conversion process as well as how it is beneficial for businesses.

A PSD is a Photoshop document and HTML is Hypertext markup language which is used to create dynamic web pages. Convert PSD to HTML5 is a workflow. In this process, PSD file is created by web designers which are then converted to code (using HTML/CSS/JS). Technically, a high fidelity pixel perfect mockup is developed by designers which are the actual appearance of your website. By using the slice tool, website’s imagery is divided and exported to the web. After this, HTML and CSS is written that utilizes this imagery.

However, the coding task is a complex process in this conversion. Those having core technical skills for this can produce a pixel perfect website. Therefore, it might become necessary for digital agencies to hire PSD to HTML conversion experts if they want to have a big online business presence.

There are two utmost important reasons which prove PSD to HTML was a good idea for development:

– Image Assets: The use of image assets for creating cross-browser effects saves your time being invested upon creating shadows and rounded corners as image and then uses coding tricks to place thus imagery on the page as done that time.

– Limited gadgets: As the web was limited to computer desktops only at that time, browsing was not available on phones and tablets. This reason took web designers to look for Photoshop tool.

Let’s have a look at all those points which reflect the importance of PSD to responsive HTML conversion for development:

1) SEO effective

Search engine optimization helps in improving the ranking of a website. A website ranks well even in top searches of any search engine if SEO is done perfectly for that particular website. It considers various factors such as Meta tags, Meta description, and keywords etc. which greatly affect a website ranking. In the case of PSD to HTML conversion, it takes loads of time editing PSD files while HTML doesn’t. Hence, PSD to HTML conversion is an effective SEO approach.

2) W3C compliant

PSD to HTML conversion follows the standard norms stated under the W3C consortium. Since W3C validation relies strictly on HTML languages, you get optimized HTML solution along with smooth validation once the website is launched on the web. A website with instinctive UI empowers online businesses. It is primarily seen as the standard ways to a proficient and savvy business entrance.

3) More traffic

PSD to HTML conversion produces a clear and semantic code and a website which is error free, captivating attracts more traffic. In fact, this conversion ensures a semantically coded website having structured content. It ultimately helps improve the ranking of the website and thus generate more leads. Moreover, the web crawlers easily understand short semantic codes of websites, thus leads to faster loads.

4) Cross browser compatibility

PSD to HTML converted web pages are easily accessible through any browser starting from Opera to Firefox and Chrome or any other major browser used nowadays. Therefore web pages developed through HTML are more often readable than the ones with PSD files.

5) More leads

PSD to responsive HTML conversion provides you such websites which get easily indexed by Google. This automatically enhances the website reachability amongst its users and hence increases the flow of leads. More leads help in the growth of business of that organization.

6) Easy integration

This conversion can be easily integrated with other platforms at an ease. PSD to HTML conversion services let you add extra functionalities as well as smart features to your created website.

Conclusion : It purely depends on your workflow and your project’s needs that decide how much dynamic website is required. PSD to HTML conversion is just a good method which many digital firms are adopting majorly nowadays because it provides the responsive websites in short span of time at low cost. It is always advisable to look for a professional and reliable PSD to HTML conversion provider to design an attractive website.

In fact, the success rate of your business depends on the factors that affect the performance of your website. It is quite challenging for now but it’s not too late to get started with it. PSD to HTML conversion is always a right choice for your front end development.

Author bio : Brian N. Childers is the Digital marketing manager at PSD Markup , one of the leading front end Development Company of Las Vegas, USA. He is a keen researcher and passionate about new online marketing strategies which help corporations to grow more. His passion for writing also compels him to share and distribute knowledge to startups, digital agencies etc. who need conversion services like PSD to HTML , PSD to WordPress, PSD to Email and jQuery development services to name a few.

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