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6 UI Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

UI design is everything single object that people see on your site or app. Thus user interface design has to be simple as it relates to placing of elements in the design along with the outer layer of a design. If design does not have clarity, then confusion might occur which results in loss of traffic.

User interface design mainly focuses on what users need to do and making sure that interface has elements that are easy to understand, access, and easy to perform actions. User interface includes placing of element input controls, navigational components, informational components, container. There are number of mistakes which designer make while designing, following are some which one should avoid.

Inconsistent Design

The first mistake that a mostly people makes is inconsistency in the layout of website or app. Consistency in a design refers to make sure all elements and actions act and look the same. For example if the first h2 subheading uses Times New Roman in white and a 16px font size and bottom margin of 32 px, then the rest of the h2 subheadings should be the same.

Inconsistent Design - UI Designing Mistake

Thus planning is important to remain consistent in design ahead of time. So create a list of all actions and divide them into groups of similar/same actions. Thus, decide about each UI element of group as well as consistent alignment. And at the same time assign design elements, such as styles, fonts, colors, and even the consistent hover effects and wording.

Choose of Colors

Poor Use of Colors - UI-Design-Mistake

Choosing the right colors for a design is important. While choosing colors you need to consider client’s audience and brand. You also have to keep up with visitors color blindness. It is always good to use high contrast color.

Always have the same color code specific to the function; means use the same colors for same functions. Other important color mistake which people makes is number of colors to be used while designing to avoid users visually overwhelmed. As colors are not the only ways to show distinction.

Too Many Words

Another thing that annoys visitors is too much text.It might be readers are bored by lots of paragraphs and words, or they will either leave immediately without giving an attempt to read, or read some and leave without completing.Anyway, the result is frustration, as most of traffic goes away.

Too Many Words - UI-Design-Mistake

So, it’s better to say what one needs to say in few words possible.One should use less text and more visuals: as pictures are always worthy of saying much more than words when it comes to designing a website. And make use of subheadings and headings and boxes and bullets along with the graphics.

Weak Headlines

No doubt the images attract a user’s attention but user tends to look at the upper left corner of page and then move on to the next section.So headlines must be catchy always.

Thus make sure to make headlines crisp, targeted and short. Being targeted, means that one should try to connect to users apart from making its comprehensive and clear.

Low Response Time

ow Response Time-UI-Design-Mistake

With the usage of mobile responsiveness is important which otherwise might be design killer. As in today time one is competing with number of websites that are constantly working on to improve the responsiveness thus to ensure consistent user engagement.

Thus the simple and clever design can do the job fast. If application or website is taking lot of time to load, one is losing serious business. Thus avoid using dead weight elements and objects on pages and ensure that loading speed is optimised.

Complicated and Irritating Navigation

Complex Navigation-UI Design Mistake

Navigation on an app or a website should not be confusing. There are number of websites which are frustrating due to navigation. When visitor’s cannot find the right information after endless search or cannot navigate between pages back and forth easily or when design is simply difficult to understand; visitors will exit and visit another site instead of messing with your site.

UI designs should be such as to make it easy for visitors to go to homepage;easy to look for certain pages, to find forms etc. The design should flow simply. If there are number of menu displays for many options, the site will be complicated to navigate. Thus using elements like drop down menus with clear hierarchy will improve sites. Users having an average-size monitor should not have to scroll right and left in order to read the contents of pages. Designs should have fluid layouts to avoid horizontal scrolling or fixed widths that fit onto smaller monitors.

So, start developing by keeping checklist of most common UI design mistakes in front and soon you will notice the difference in your work. Thus design with clarity so as to avoid confusion which scares the visitors.


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