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Trustworthy Ways to Deliver the Best Mobile User Experience

If you have a great app idea for mobile users, you would definitely want to make it a reality, fast. But before you get into the development, you should know that only idea is not sufficient to make your app successful in the market. Factors like problem solved by the app for a mobile user and frequency of use contribute a lot to make your app a success. But the most important factor that takes you a step ahead from mediocre apps is the user experience.

Whenever an app is downloaded by a user, s/he is expecting that the app would really solve a problem they are facing and UI to be user friendly. If the user cannot understand your app features because of poor UI design, do not expect that app to last in their smartphone any more than a day. Following factor should be taken into consideration to give your users the best mobile user experience.

Bug free application

Bug Free

As per the reports, 85% of the users stop using an app and 55% of the users uninstall the app due to its poor performance and deficient functionality. The app developers should allot sufficient time in product development to provide the best mobile user experience from the beginning; else, even with the best UI/UX of your app, it won’t be able to make to the user’s smartphone.

Right On-Boarding Process

For most of the users who download your app, it will be a first time experience. Hence, if they are not able to understand the functionalities in the first few minutes, they are most likely to uninstall your app from their smartphone. Proper on-boarding is an important part of mobile app development. In order to give the best mobile user experience and gain a good participation and retention on your app, you must deliver an effective on-boarding telling the users about how they can use the app quickly to solve their problems.

Ease in usability

For the best mobile user experience, ease in usability of your app is important. It consists of design, layout, content and other features in the app which let users to complete their tasks without any problem. One important thing to keep in mind is to keep all your icons and features constant across all the pages in the app. For example, if swipe up means like, it should work same throughout the app to enhance the user experience.

Offer necessary guidance

As a human tendency, people would want to ask questions every time they are stuck with something. In an app, a user would often want to search for something in a search bar or would want to chat to a support person. App developers should add features to provide assistance to users via FAQs, customer support chat or link to contact page so that the user never feels lost while browsing your app.

Personalized UI/UX experience

A very user friendly feature is to understand the behavior of your app users and make use of it when the same set of users comes to your app again. For example, if you can understand what the purchasing patterns of a user are, you can suggest similar items and deals to them on their next visit. This will greatly help a user to make purchase decisions fast. Personalized UI/UX provide a more relevant and personal experience to a mobile user and hence enabling him/her to use your app more often.

Final words

Using the above points while developing your great app idea can give you a highly optimized and quality app that gives the best mobile user experience which satisfies their demands and your business needs.


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