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10+ Trusted Mobile App Development Companies 2017

Since time immemorial, mobiles have become an integral part of our life. There is no other or better alternative than this portable device which fits right in your pocket but works like a super-computer. Say bye to the age-old desktops, the mobile-era has already replaced it with interactive and user-friendly apps.

Today, major corporations and app users look for something that is futuristic; something that’s never been made before and something that’s handy with unique features and decent user-interface. What’s more, they demand for a masterpiece with latest technologies integrated like geo-location recognition, video, data capture, real-time notifications, data synchronization with other platforms, mapping and much more.

There are tons of top mobile app developers out there willing to work for you, yet, there are only some who understand your requirements and cordially create the right app for your firm. Here, you’ll find some of the best mobile app development companies who have earned admirable records and reviews in building first-rate mobile apps:

[Originally Published in Feb 2017, Last Updated on 26th Dec. 2017]


SteelKiwi is a name trusted by Fortune 1000 companies as their amazing apps are never doubted when they hit the Apple Store or Google Play, crediting their team for their excellence in the field. The team at SteelKiwi has always considered it as a sole duty to serve its clients with reliable, functional and sound mobile apps, driving themselves to be recognized among the top iOS and Android app developers in the world.


Apptology specializes in developing iPhone and Android apps.  With over 7 years of experience and over 400 apps, Apptology has gained a reputation for working on complex projects for both the enterprise and startups.  Apptology’s experienced team can guide their clients from the idea stage to deployment.

Web Peppers

web peppers

If you want more than just development, go for Web Peppers. They work on your app idea, enhance its value and scale brilliantly, like a CTO. Their utter focus is to cope up with the challenges put forth and works as a team to give life to incredible ideas and progressively become one of the most innovative mobile app developers in the world.



Rozdoum is a truly remarkable professional consultancy and mobile app development house delivering solutions to growing businesses, helping them transform their usual processes to app-oriented solutions, supporting them right from the initial stages to deployment. With over 10 years of experience, their team continues to develop unrivaled and fully integrated solutions including mCRM, mobile internet sites and applications.


This is yet another top-notch mobile app development company, credited so because of the hundreds of stunning high-performance apps developed successfully on different OS. This squad dedicates itself to deliver high-quality mobile apps and services as skilled iOS or Android UX/UI designers, mobile strategists and developers. Miquido has been recognized by 2016 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE ranking as the fastest growing mobile design & development company in CE.


Your apps speak for your brand. These days, consumer behavior has been inclined to the quality of technology used in building apps. Aquro, as one of the top mobile app development platforms, promises to serve you the right product with true innovation and state-of-art tools and techniques to make the most out of digital technology, working with all platforms.


Creative27, a California based digital agency is one of the leading mobile app developers in the world which, with the help of specialists, strategists, analysts  and technologists, has built for itself a reputation of delivering an array of handy, vibrant and user-engaging apps in both iOS and Android platforms. It has worked for many industries such as travel, finance, entertainment, healthcare and real estate.


WOXAPP create native mobile apps for iOS and Android, MVP for startups, mobile apps for businesses, API and web-apps. The company was founded in 2011 and since then they have delivered over 50 projects. For example, the company has developed app like Uber – 7Likes Taxi.Apart from this, company pay a special attention to business logics, analytics and interface design.


If you want more than just development, go for Appster. They work on your app idea, enhance its value and scale brilliantly, like a CTO. Their utter focus is to cope up with the challenges put forth and works as a team to give life to incredible ideas and progressively become one of the most innovative mobile app developers in the world.

W2S Solutions

Sited in UK, USA, Qatar and Canada as a top mobile app developer, W2S Solutions consists of a team of professionals who understand what you need and what your apps need, in turn helping you to develop your Custom Android app. Their 5+ years of experience in mobile app development confirms the ease with which they get them approved.


Brightec boldly states its statement: In the right hands, information has the power to change. This mobile app development company specializes in crafting mobile applications that delivers to its user a life-enhancing experience. They believe that technology, in today’s ‘digital age’ experiences a constant state of evolution.


Established in 2007, Intellectsoft is a software development company working closely with Jaguar, Land Rover, Eurostar and NHS to develop their software. Having known what shapes successful softwares across most of the industries, this firm grew into a full-cycle top mobile app developer developing solutions for most of the revolutionary companies worldwide.


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