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Top Node.js Frameworks For Influential Web & App Development

Front end development which is a major part of web & app development has never been as advanced as it is today. From traditional stateless web designs patterns to high-performance dynamic web developments, we are now working in a more real-time environment where everything is being developed by keeping the prerequisites of this high-tech business world into mind.

Today, the demand of client-side technologies such as JavaScript has brought huge revolution in the web development domain. Apart from JavaScript, people are also trying many other technologies to get real-time applications & web interfaces and at the end they find Node.js as an ideal real-time web & application development platform.

Reasons To Choose Node.js For Fast Web & App Development:

Since its launch, Node.js has been enjoying the attention of front-end developers. It is an open-source development which provides cross-platform run-time environment to those who want real-time applications written in JavaScript. Node.js is packed with ultimate features that have helped it to become one of the most preferred choices of web developers. Dicing deep into its advantages, Node.js powers end-to-end, large-scale, real-time and highly scalable front-end web development which make it popular in the enterprise sector.

Besides the described ones, there are other reasons that let you know the significance of Node.js development.

 Ensures fast development
 Provides absolute data streaming
 Acts as proxy server
 Development with effective single codebase
 Robust & high-performing platform
 Committed to providing secure web development
 Cost-effective

Today Node.js has been adopted as a front-end development platform which brought JavaScript to the mainstream for developing excellent, high-quality real-time web interfaces and apps for businesses. With Node.js development, the run-time environment has found a new way to develop server-side applications by minimizing the difficulty of using two different development languages at the same platform.

The community of developers has contributed a lot by introducing performance driven frameworks for Node’js development. Here, we are describing a few high-rated Node.js frameworks that are known for building functionally strong web inspirations having advanced features.

1. Express.js

Express.js is the most popular Node.js framework which is used for developing pure JS or hybrid web designs and applications. It is lightweight and flexible which makes it the first choice for developers. Due to the advanced features, it is used for 26000 web and app interfaces.

Specific Features:

 Useful and powerful minimalist framework
 Good for database integration and template engines
 Provides standard server framework

2. Koa.js

Koa.js is also touted as the next generation framework for Node.js. Developers also appreciate it as the expressive middleware for Node.js which uses generators for web development. It has evolved from Express.js but it has come up with some additional features to make application development more enjoyable.

Specific Features:

 Increases the development productivity
 Eliminates the requirement of callback functions
 The ES6 generator efficiently synchronize the programs

3. Hapi.js

Basically, developers use this Node.js framework for building robust APIs. The framework is powerful and has built-in plugin system which makes it more strong among others. Hapi.js has also been introduced with so many features such as input validation, logging, caching implementation, etc.

Specific Features:

 Go-to-technology for enterprises & start-ups
 Performs as a secure & stable solution
 Provides configuration based functionality
 Outstanding error handling function

4. Meteor.js

The community of JS considers this as a full-stack Node.js framework for creating real-time web designs and applications. Working on it provides an exceptional experience because of its seamless process integration. It supports MVC (Model View Controller) and develops solutions that seamlessly run on Linux, macOS and Windows.

Specific Features:

 Can be used with any JavaScript UI
 Best for rapid prototyping
 Produces cross-platform codes

5. Sails.js

It again comes under the category of top-rated Node.js frameworks which is introduced for composing customized real-time applications and web designs of enterprise levels. This is an extraordinary framework which utilizes waterline for providing a secure layer for database and object-relation mapping purpose.

Specific Features:

 Compatible with all Grunt models
 Allows building production ready apps
 Provides design customization option

6. Mean.js

Mean.js is a feature-rich JS framework which is proficiently used to create amazing web applications. It uses Angular.js for better web development. It is a perfect combination of technologies as it stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js. It in itself is a full-stack & the best JavaScript front end framework which ensures faster web & app development.

Specific Features:

 Cuts down development time
 Provides convenient setup and configuration

7. Total.js

This framework is counted among the modern frameworks that support model-view-controller development architecture. The best part is, this Node.js framework builds applications and web inspirations that are highly compatible with many client-side frameworks like Polymer, Angular.js, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, etc.

Specific Features:

 It is fully extensible & asynchronous
 No additional tool like Grunt needed to compress JS, CSS and HTML
 NoSQL embedded database

Ending Notes:

In previous days, web and application development landscape has changed a lot and is rapidly shifting towards high-performing frameworks for better development results. The biggest benefit of using Node.js as a development framework is, it provides the high-level structure of development environment so that developers can focus on core aspects rather than wasting time on handling basic things. All these reasons depict that why you should prefer ode.js for enhanced web development.

Author’s Bio : Tom Hardy is a Sr. JavaScript developer at Sparx IT Solutions: Node.JS Development Company. He is passionate about coding for different JS environments and commits to deliver top-rated solutions. He dives deep and provides information through blogs for the advanced development topics that make web and app development easy.

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