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Top 9 Productivity Extensions for Chrome [Infographic]

Over the years, the market share for Chrome has significantly increased. StatCounter reports 54.27% acquisition by Chrome this July while others continue to lose.

IE already is the thing of the past though Edge did revive Microsoft’s browser portfolio to some extent but only a little. Safari, Firefox, Opera and others have been giving some fight but Chrome is far too ahead in the race.

The story isn’t any different with Mobile presence. Chrome is the leader with 50.05% market share. While enterprises are ever struggling to increase app downloads, check how many users, download Chrome every day and that gives the clue.

The highly competitive market today has enabled users to quickly make a decision whether to continue with a software or try other. So it would be incorrect to say that Chrome mainly flourished in the popularity of Google’s big brands in You tube and Gmail.

Chrome with its strong architecture, essential features and seamless experience has been able to attract the modern day customer. In addition, it has also unearthed huge potential for independent developers to create Chrome extensions. The strategy is simple, make a practically useful add-on and rake in on the popularity of Chrome.

Be it to enhance marketing, business, content organization or animation, numerous plugins are available these days to enhance the user experience.

Multi-tasking is the new norm today and we all want to do more things in less time. We cannot expect our browser company to introduce a new feature every alternate day hence the need for plugins.

Today we take a look at some of the most popular productivity extension for Chrome. See this infographic below –

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