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Top 5 On-Premises Office Messenger Software

There are a lot of Instant Messengers available in the market as Cloud services. If you choose one of them, your real-time secret business communication data might be accessed/controlled by third party.

We all know that recently the well-known cloud based Team Chat app Slack’s database that stored Users profile information was compromised by the hackers. Luckily, they found that data breach as soon as possible and protected their financial information.
Because of such hack possibilities of Cloud services, most of IT firms prefer On-Premises services to have the software on their own domain, get privacy and full control on their data.

Here, we added a list of 5 favourite On-Premises (Self-Hosted) Office Messenger apps that deliver Inter-office Communication in secure manner. Hope this list helps you to choose the best one for your office / business.

1. Output Messenger


Output Messenger is the interoffice communication software offers On-Premises Chat Server to keep your business communication behind a corporate firewall.

This All-in-one Self-hosted Office Messenger provides all instant messaging features you need for your business including Real-time Private & Group Chat, Off-the-Record Messaging, native Voice and Video chat, fastest File Transfer, Screen Sharing and API to integrate with your third party favourite apps etc. Also it supports Active Directory (LDAP) Users Import.

Not only offers instant messaging for Windows, Mac, Linux, also for iOS and Android mobile devices.
Accessible from anywhere on any devices. It synchronizes the instant messages across all your devices with same user account.

Price: Scales with number of users. Free for 3 Users. Perpetual Licence (Valid for lifetime) Starts at $14/User and Annual License Starts at $6/User/Year.

2. OMessenger


OMessenger is the Private and Secure Messenger to chat on Local Area Network, Virtual Private Network and Terminal Service Clients. This simple LAN Messenger offers Peer-to-Peer Server-less chat for small businesses and provides Server architecture ideal for corporate offices.

It packed with seamless features including One-to-one Chat, Group Chat, Remote Desktop, File Transfer and easy customization with tremendous flexibility to fulfil your business requirements.

Supports all Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android as well as iOS.

Price: Scales with number of licenses. Starts at $59 for 5 user licenses pack.

3. Softros LAN Messenger


Softros LAN Messenger is a secure Lan Messaging app. This LAN IM offers the key features such as PC-to-PC messaging, Broadcast messaging to quickly notify selected individuals or groups, File transfer, Remote Desktop Sharing and Message History etc.

As the name suggests, it works inside the local area network and does not require internet access. Even it doesn’t require a Server to run and easy to install.

Available Platforms : Windows, Mac OS X and Android
Price: Scales with number of user licenses. Starts at $25.90 for 2 user licenses.

4. BigAnt Office Messenger


BigAnt is a LAN based office messenger requires a main Server installation to which the other computers will be connected through LAN. The server has all the centralized authorities of the clients and administers all the technical configurations.

This instant messaging app offers secure Instant Messaging, Group Chats, Voice chats with Video Calling, File Transfer, Web conferencing and etc.

Available Platforms : Windows, iOS and Android.
Price: Starts at $ 458 for 10 users.

5. Astra Chat


Astra Chat is a secure Cross Platform Hosted Chat solution utilizes an advanced two-tier clustering architecture consisting of a front-end application tier and a back-end data storage tier. This clustering architecture enables any subscriber to connect to any application node to access their messaging services.

The front-end tier consists of virtualized Windows Servers running the AstraChat application services. The back-end tier contains the data storage devices.

This Chat tool has built-in Mobile & Desktop Message Sync. It offers integrated File Sharing, high availability Server Cluster and Active Directory Integration etc.

Available Platforms : Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android
Price: Quotation will be provided based on your requirements.


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