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Top 5 Most Trusted News Websites

To add to the massive corporate conglomerates and profit-thirsty media barons, we now helpfully have the phenomenon of “fake news” bestowed upon us by the wise and benevolent Orange One to illustrate just how important independent, honest, and reliable media is in our day and age. Let’s look at five news websites you can rely upon to filter fact from fiction and that have a history of putting journalistic integrity before a sniveling allegiance to advertising revenue.

The Associated Press

Founded in 1846, the Associated Press is a world famous organisation providing global news while racking up Pulitzer Prize wins. It sets the standard for unbiased and reliable reportage and is very much an outlet run by journalists for journalists. They avoid political bias and can be relied upon to rigorously report on both sides of the coin in a given situation, relying on specific detail rather than generalisations or pie-in-the-sky political forecasting.


The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is a fair and unbiased source of news that particularly excels at world news coverage. This is because the BBC has had reporters embedded around the world ever since the popularisation of radio. Today, it can be relied upon to put reporters on the ground at the sight of any major news story, such as the Kerching Casino review. Despite being state funded by the UK government, they operate with a high degree of journalistic professionalism and work hard to keep bias out of their reporting. In fact, because they’re state funded, they tend to shy away from the sensationalism that other outlets rely on to generate clickbait-heavy advertising revenue.


Reuters, like the Associated Press, is another website that journalists look to when writing their own articles, and for a good reason. Reuters emphasises presenting the bare facts and raw data without trying to mold them to fit an editorial bent. There’s not really any area of global news or current affairs that they won’t cover, so stop by them to get as close to the truth from the horse’s mouth as possible.


Based in the oil rich kingdom of Qatar, Al-Jazeera is something of a controversial news outlet in the Middle East. Its coverage skews heavily towards Middle Eastern current affairs, obviously. Given that this geopolitical region is so crucial to the world politics in our day and age, this can be a bonus. It’s reviled by its neighbours in the Gulf Cooperation Council for reporting on the malfeasance of members like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. While there is some editorial bias at work, the reporting is solid and not nearly as plainly biased as sites such as Russia Today, and provides a thorough spotlight on important goings on in the region.

 The Guardian

While there’s a definite left wing slant to their reporting, the British newspaper website is a good place to get information on stories that may be ignored by other national news networks. The journalism has a high standard and since they’re run by a trust rather than a corporation, the news tends to be less salacious and/or skewed by profit-concerns.

In the age of information, it’s important not to believe everything you read online. However, there are websites where the standards of journalism are still high and these are the websites you can trust.

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