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Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Serviced Office

As you start your hunt for the perfect business space, it’s important to be aware of a new and very popular trend taking place, and that is serviced office space. Today, there are serviced office providers such as Landmark PLC that offer some of the most prestigious addresses in London, combined with award winning serviced offices. So why are people turning to serviced offices? Let’s take a closer look.

Reason #1 – A Cost-Saving

Renting or leasing office space, especially in a prime central London location, can amount to a small fortune. Because of that, businesses are looking for more cost-effective options. What makes a serviced office cheaper is the fact it comes with everything you need. All of the furniture and equipment are provided, utilities are included, and you often have use of a reception. It takes variable expenses out of the equation.

Reason #2 – Convenience

New start-ups and businesses that are going through a period of growth often find serviced office space to be the most convenient. They can rent more space or less space as needed, making the space flexible.

Reason #3 – High Quality Services

Typically, serviced office spaces tend to boast the highest-quality services and amenities. Take for example Landmark Plc which won the BCA award for “Business Centre of the Year” in 2016 for its 125 Old Broad Street centre. Some of the amenities in this office include full height windows that let the light pour in, a prime location in central London, an open roof terrace, and so much more.

Reason #4 – Flexible Terms

Another big advantage is that these types of office space tend to offer flexible lease terms. For a business that is in flux, this can be imperative.

Reason #5 – No Down-time

Because these offices come equipped with everything you need, you can hit the ground running. The moment you enter the space you can get to work; there is no down-time as you set up shop.

Reason #6 – Provide that Professional Image

A huge part of creating a business is also creating a professional image for clients and customers. A full serviced office in London allows you to create that image right from the start, without any work on your end.

Reason #7 – Pay-As-You-Use Facilities

Many of these types of serviced offices feature pay-as-you-use facilities, which can equate to cost-savings and convenience for you. You will only pay for what you use, which includes meeting rooms, copiers, conference rooms, etc.

Reason #8 – Fully Trained Staff

Serviced office spaces also include support staff, which means you don’t have to dedicate time to training a receptionist or office assistant. Again this is a big cost and time-saver.

Reason #9 – Leave Maintenance to Someone Else

Because you don’t own the office space, the building maintenance is left to someone else.

Reason #10 – Ideal for Satellite Offices

If you happen to run a company with offices in various cities and countries outside of London, serviced offices are a simple and quick add on solution.

All Signs Point to Yes

Once you start to look at the many different reasons to say yes to a serviced office in London, it’s easy to come to a decision.

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