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Top 10 PSD to WordPress Conversion Service Providers for 2017

WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform for the web development and blogging. It boasts of many features like plug-in support and versatility. When building a website, most of the people choose WordPress to implement a seamless web experience. However, the task of building the perfect website doesn’t end there. To gather user attention and to reduce bounce rates, great designs should be applied to the blog or website. Even though there are thousands of themes and templates available all over the internet, sometimes those are just not enough. That’s why you need PSD to WordPress conversion service providers.

Photoshop is the king of all photo editing software. It is widely used by the artists to create various designs of posters, banners etc. Then why not use Photoshop for developing the theme of a WordPress blog or website?

Files saved using Photoshop is called as Photoshop document or simply PSD. The PSD to WordPress conversion service providers can convert this PSD file to an equivalent WordPress theme template. Here we list the best PSD to WordPress service providers which are considered as best for PSD to WordPress conversion services.

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[Last Updated on 17th March 2017]



Mypsdtohtml is pioneer in the WordPress conversion service. They have already served more than 400 clients by creating the perfect design they wanted with the help of Photoshop. The renowned company always puts client priorities at the top and assures quality service with short turnaround time. This makes it one of the best PSD to WordPress conversion service providers.


PsdtoManyThings - PSD to WordPress

PSDtoManyThings started as a firm for developing vibrant WordPress themes, which have gained huge reputation among the WordPress users. The company has now entered into the league of best PSD to WordPress conversion service providers across the globe to serve clients with top quality themes, made out of Photoshop documents. The best feature about PSDtoManyThings is that the themes they produce are not only beautiful but also compatible with all the browsers. The services are comparatively more affordable than any other services.

Direct Basing


Direct Basing is an all-round slicing company. Whether you need simple HTML5 slicings or a complete CMS realisation. Besides templates, we can also help you with daily marketing services. What about your newsletters, email campaigns or landing pages.

Whether you are a freelancer, small business or a Fortune 500 company, we will integrate seamless in your project flow. Using our advanced feedback tools will give you even more accurate results.



The ResponsiveDad PSD to WordPress Service Provider renders outstanding responsive wordpress development services. This world class service provider accepts file types such as PSD, PNG, BMP, JPG and similar. The platforms like WordPress, Woo Commerece are supported by ResponsiveDad. It works on Chrome, Firefox (5+), IE (9+), Safari (5+) or Opera (12+) browser. PayPal, Visa, MasterCard are some secured payment methods they rely on. They are strictly Following NDA Policies and never show your works on their Portfolios. Also they don’t need any upfront payment and payment need only if you are satisfied with their work .They are giving unlimited support to the completed works.



Pixel2HTML is one of the greatest front-end and WordPress development companies on the web, they have been around for more than 5 years and completed more than 2000 projects. Their code is top-notch quality and compatible with almost all web and mobile browsers, their client support and project managers are super friendly. Definitely a great value for your investment.

MSP Concepts

WordPress is one of the best platforms for web development and blogging. The WordPress developers at MSP Concepts come up with themes that would be compatible with various browsers, not leaving its aesthetic side behind. Our creative team will only divert the web traffic to your website and also provide SEO-friendly themes for you to ponder upon. Invest in MSP Concepts for your PSD to WordPress conversion and see, how many more clients you get for your business!


5. codeinwp

The guys the CodeInWP are expert programmers who can not only just PSD to WordPress conversion service providers, but also experts in analysing the code to produce a refined version of the website. Not to mention that, they are highly SEO friendly.


6. valuecoders

The Value coders are a highly reputed company that supports various aspects of the WordPress development. They have been consistently providing top quality service for more than a decade, gaining a massive popularity among the WordPress developers. They also work as PSD to WordPress conversion service providers while ensuring the same proven quality.


7. codemyconcept

If you don’t know how to code in CSS or XML to create the theme that you have in mind, then give a try at CodeMyConcept. They will carefully note down the ideas that you have in mind and will turn them into reality with short turnaround time. Apart from theming, they also provide CMS solutions for the clients.



The PSDtoWP as the name suggests is a company that solely focuses on converting PSD files into WordPress themes. Hence, one can expect high quality themes from them since it is the only task they are focusing on.

These are the best PSD to WordPress conversion service providers to create the ultimate theme for the WordPress by utilizing all the features of Photoshop.

XHTML Weaver


The XHTML weaver is a well reputed firm that converts the PSD files into x.html format that can be easily implemented in the WordPress. They are very strict on completing the work on time.

PSD Gator


The PSD Gator is the cheapest service you can hire for converting the PSD files to wordpress compatible themes. They follow great professionalism in their work and provide quality service for the clients.


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