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The Shocking Truth About Parallax Design

Parallax scrolling a web design trend that has immensely gained in popularity and that too not without any reason. There has been a lot of talking about Parallax Scrolling effect lately and how it has changed the face of website design.

As a matter of fact, web users seek different and interesting things every second of the day on the internet. They want to get involved and entertained. They are keen to interact and engage with a site, if they are invited to do so. And parallax design is one thing that lets you to do a lot of great things to allow your visitors to interact with your website. Parallax scrolling effect combines motion and depth to offer a visual effect. Different radial points move at different speeds when you scroll a site up and down. As an instance, the background moves at a slower rate than the foreground as you scroll. The parallax technique uses layers to give 3D and moving effect. It’s certainly is an appealing way of bringing content alive and adding an additional layer of stimulation in a website.

The obvious advantage of this new technique is its interactive nature and the level of engagement. There are various unique and interactive ways of integrating parallax design into your website and do the trick of engaging users.

The technique has indeed given website designers a new medium to showcase their talent and engage more potential customers. However, it has certain unique challenges too. Challenges which have made some marketers believe that parallax scrolling is just a craze and would fade away with time.

The fact of the matter is that there are certain ups and downs of parallax scrolling in online world.

Let’s have a look at some of them.

Up: Adding some sphere to your website

1. Adding some sphere to website

You can add sphere to the products shown and displayed on your websites with the help of parallax scrolling effect. Adding different elements around the products and emphasizing a particular sphere to every photograph of the product can draw attention of your visitors.

Down: Can cause conflict between SEO and design

2. SEOvsDesign

Unlike web designers, Parallax does not actually offer a great opportunity for SEO experts. The minimalist one page layout creates a huge problem when it comes to ranking around particular keywords. Consequently, the website depends completely on the social media sharing. From an informative blog or online store, SEO holds a high priority than cannot be overlooked. Therefore, design professionals and SEO experts get into the battle of sensibilities.

Up: 3D effect

3. 3d

Parallax design has revolutionized the way you show your products online. You can now give a 3D presentation of products handled by different scrolling behavior instead of using old static images. Make your products alive when mouse hovers over them or make your model ramp walk by dragging a scroll bar, there are lots of things that can be easily done with this new design trend.

Down: Unresponsive nature

4. UNresponsive

The era of smartphones, iPads and tablets has made it quite mandatory to have a mobile-friendly version of websites. The parallax design usually does not work the same way on the mobiles as they would on desktops. The screens of all these devices are too small to fit a parallax designed website.

Up: Engage your visitors

5. engaging-visitors-to-your-site

The best way to engage your visitors is to tell them a story through parallax scrolling. Allow them to start the story by scrolling down. Introduce different levels of story with each scroll and allow them to become the witness of an appealing and wonderfully illustrated story. Highlight the effects with music and sound to make it even more interesting and enticing.

Down: Difficult to analyze

6. difficult to analyze

Parallax design may have made it easier for the user to interact with your website and engage with it, but they have definitely made it difficult for the website owner to gather and analyze the users data.

Parallax scrolling effect has indeed changed the way designers design, but it comes with a variety of challenges which cannot be overlooked.


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