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The History of Popular Brands

Some say that we are living the best of times when it comes to quality of the products we are using. It is true, nowadays brands lay a great emphasis on quality and the principle according to which good value attracts long-term customers.

Looking back in 1950, the big brands like Lipton and Tide were pioneers of effective marketing, to such a great extent that they remained a name in their respective in industry across the years.

But what was that helped these brands and the others one alike to set the benchmarks for all the big names that we hear today? It seems to be a secret recipe consisting of the right logo, finding that ‘’something’’ which makes the brand special and different from the rest, qualitative products and rewarding loyal customers. Since in the end the customer is the one taking the decision whether to buy the product or not, he acts like a jury for the brand and the brand itself becomes the face of the product, as the product becomes the face of the brand.

A Good Strategy is priceless

One common characteristic of all important brands that have survived through the year remains always having a clear direction, a sense of their unique value and core property. A clear direction could mean anything from having a very strong visual image when thinking about a specific brand or, the other way around, associating the product directly with a specific brand, like 144 years old Colgate, to Coca-Cola’s winter edition commercials. Or, if we are to compare with present brands within i-gaming industry, following casino free games that have long traditions in promoting arcade games. Talking about marketing, it is interesting to notice that the renowned brands we know now and emerged many years ago didn’t have at first a dedicated marketing department to take care of promoting the brand and apply different marketing strategies.

Marketing is very important

It was only around 1990 when brands realized that there is a possibility to do more with their products and to increase its value, by offering and promoting their product to the right audience, create promotions and apply basic marketing principles. The very quick development that followed after realizing that a bit of marketing could potentially increase the profit, there was a boom coming from both brands in the UK, but also Europe and more recently, USA.

This has led to an increase in the offer as well, up to an extent where more brands have emerged on the market, making it harder and harder for the big old brands to remain active and keep their customers loyal. On the other hand, this phenomenon has also pushed the traditional brands to constantly renew their range of products and upgrade the customer experience.

One example in this sense comes again from the i-gaming industry, as the above mentioned casino introduced on the market and offered a detailed induction into what are mobile slots, in this way adapting to the rapid growth of the mobile market.

It seems that being constantly updated to the latest trends within the industry you are representing and making sure that you are among the top brands on the market, as well as keeping a close relationship with your loyal customers, are the key-drivers to being a successful and powerful brand that is able to make history.

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