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30+ Eye-catching Smiley and Emoticons Icon Packs

Emoticons have become a new medium for communicating with each other. In fact, it is much comfy communicating using Smileys and emojis rather than typing some words. This is the reason why every chatting platform integrates Emoticons to their apps and websites.

Although, not all platforms design and create custom smileys and emoticons for their users, particularly when thousands of emoticon sets are available online. For all those looking for emojis for their applications and other chatting platforms, here are 30+ beautiful smiley and emoticons icon packs which you can be downloaded for free.

Panda Emojis in Flat Design

Decorative Emoji Collection

 Popcorn Box Emoticons

Sloth Emoticons Vector

Baby Facial Expression Icons

Faces Emoticons Collection

Expressive Toasts Collection

People Emoticons in Flat Design

Round Smileys Collection

Emojis Collection

 Emojis in Flat Design

Doctor Emoticons

Emoticon Stickers Free

Emoticons Freebie Sketch

Emoticon Icon Set

Nurse Emoticons

Cartoon Faces


Whatsapp Smileys

Flat Emojis in Blue Tone

Funny Emojis in Flat Design

Emoticons in Flat Design

Colorful Square Emoticons Pack

Barn Owl Emoticon

 Simple Funny Emoticons

Emoji Set

Vector Emoticons

Emoji 5

Smiley Patches Free Vector

Free Set of Emotion Icons

Emoji Freebie

Colorful Emoticons

Choohoo Mascot

Speech bubble-shaped Emoji

Facebook Emoji Freebies

Assorted Smiley Face Icons

Barbarian Emoticons

Emoticon Button Icon Set

Free Emoticon Set Vector

 Square Emoticon Vectors Stroke

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