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Selecting Between Custom & Platform Based Mobile App Development

Having a strong mobile strategy is important for business expansion in the long run. When it comes to creating mobile apps, there are many companies that are confused about selecting the right platform. Custom and platform based mobile apps are highly in vogue these days. The idea of developing customized app from the scratch might be appealing, however before starting it is important to ensure the right costs associated with it.

Mobile app development platforms come out to be the right solution in this case. They offer businesses customized branded apps that too without the hefty price tag. Enlisted are 3 major advantages of using a mobile app development platform in the mobile strategy:

Use of proper resources

The first thing that strikes the mind in the process of choosing between custom and platform is the use of right resources. It is crucial to have sufficient in-house resources that support the custom app development. These resources can be in the form of finance, time and staffs employed.

Platform based apps are developed with the intent to quickly create mobile apps with ease. The use of redefined modules is justified in this case. This further eliminates the time and monetary costs. Additionally, frequent changes in the custom app development like feature updates, app maintenance are also factors that contribute towards it. These factors not only extend project timelines but also require dedicated resources to manage it with ease.

Another important benefit of development platforms is that the solution has already been developed and tested. These platforms also include a large library of app functionality. Some of these features might not be considered feasible to design in a custom app.


Reusable code in the platforms makes it easier to create and develop app. The functionality of these platforms helps businesses scale or modify products at ease. The entire task gets processed efficiently. Similarly, developing platform-based app is a low risk solution. It offers businesses with flexibility because applications can easily be modified even at low costs.

With custom app development, there are limitations associated which, in turn, poses a potential threat for businesses to adapt to the market trends.

Tech support

An app development platform is extremely useful for businesses because it delivers significant advantage in terms of professional tech support. This aspect is also crucial. The availability of external support helps businesses reduce in-house costs that are related to the software maintenance.

Businesses make sure to use app development platforms for the creation of customized mobile apps. These platforms are now delivering scalable, quick-performing and functionally rich app development solutions.

Key aspects of custom and platform based mobile apps

Custom app development: With the help of custom app development, you can create bespoke designs that are tailored according to the needs of users, products, clients, company and department. The major idea behind creating a customized mobile app is to develop a final product as perfect as possible from the scratch. Once the project is completed, the firm will continue to own the source code and IP around the project. Any experience based modifications at the coming stages will come at additional costs and time investment.

The overall time and cost involved for the creation of custom mobile app comparatively higher. Custom mobile app development is not at all a one time process. There are frequent stages associated to the addition of features and usage.

Platform based app development: Mobile app development platforms help in creation of portable apps quickly and provide the ability to scale products easily at later stages. The major objective of platform based mobile app is to immediately create an application from the scratch. This is done with the help of predefined modules that simplify development. With a platform based approach, it becomes easier to create unique experiences from both UI and functionality perspective. However, platform based mobile apps are helpful in scaling up your products easily.

Wrapping it Up!

Regardless of the approach that is being adopted, any business needs to consider the end user for which the mobile app is being made. Therefore, it is recommended to select an approach that fulfills the requirement and is also focused on the type of end users that product caters to.

Adopting the combination of these two approaches also leads towards a higher productivity in the longer run. It is important to create the first version of an app, test, validate and further make iterations. An ideation and design-driven approach to create front end mobile apps is important. Combined with scalability and reusability, a platform based approach helps in launching your products at half of the cost.

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