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Pro-Tips On WordPress Website Migration To a Better Host

Since time immemorial, websites and blogs ruled the internet, providing useful information to those in need and a platform for the bloggers, to share either their knowledge or experience they possess. All that was necessary was time and facts, to excel in blogging. Speaking of blogging, WordPress never fails in getting elected by bloggers, artists, entrepreneurs or even huge companies. The reason is the absolute ease at which services are being offered at WordPress.

This Content Management System possesses an exclusive plugin database, covering all the basic necessities of the user, everything that’s needed to carry out operations such as blogging, selling products, creating an online community or developing a business portal, WordPress had enough plugins suitable for every requirement. This made most of the businesses choose WordPress, due to its popularity and clear development. With this came another issue of reduction in traffic rates because of the high load times of plugins. Thus, a better way to fix things would be ‘WordPress Migration’ where websites could shift to a better hosting provider.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins are primary modules that extend the functionality of a platform. Currently, a website linked with little or no plugins could be regarded as pale or dull as without these very plugins, any blogging platform would be incomplete. Plugins could be compared to colors, which when scribbled on a white paper might enhance the look of the paper; whereas the paper otherwise may have remained colorless. The paper here refers to the content management system, which is enriched with more features when plugins are included. However, the number of plugins you use has no connection with the bad performance of your website; rather it’s the reliable and efficient coding in addition to code-compatibility that leads your site to be fully-functional and picture-perfect.

Migrating A WordPress Site To Another Hosting Service

Why migrate to a new hosting provider? Well, this is because barring the delay in the load times of plugins, a good uptime and consistent bandwidth is highly constructive and one might need 24/7 technical support in case of grievances. Wholly, this might not be possible unless you migrate a WordPress site to another hosting service.

First thing’s first, you need to ensure that your content is secure; create backups. C Panel could come of great use here, if it supports your hosting. It has an integrated app that could backup all of your files and databases and saves them on the main ftp account. Again, plugins could jump back in, if you need any assistance or if you are new to these types of tasks.

Useful Plugins For WordPress Migration

Plugins could be handy in a lot of scenarios. They are extremely helpful in transforming a normal blogging platform to a feasible CMS, appropriate enough for any rank, private or corporate. Thus, bearing this in mind, numerous plugins have been developed to help you accomplish this goal of WordPress Migration. Enumerating a few of these which are worthwhile and available on the go:

1. Duplicator:  A practical and nifty plugin, duplicator ensures the backup is done in one piece and migrates WordPress website through duplication of content.

2. WP Migrate DB:  One of the most challenging phases a website owner or a developer faces is the migration of WordPress database during the WordPress Migration.

This includes backing up of a website and fixing it back on a new server.WP Migrate DB focuses on these matters by streamlining the process of the replacement of URLs and file paths. Changing a domain name could pose an issue and you may find it difficult to address all the modifications so as to migrate WordPress website.WP Migrate DB takes care of every concern in this regard and rectifies them, making it easy for you to deal with the WordPress migration.

 3. All-in-One WP Migration:  This versatile plugin is supportive in Migrating WordPress Website to a new hosting service. Moreover, as its name suggests, All-in-One WP Migration is a free plugin can be improved by integrating it with valuable extensions. Scoring better than the previous plugins, restrictions that usually exist in server upload/download could be overlooked using this plugin, by exporting or importing records impressively, in a matter of 3 seconds.

Hosting Services To Migrate Your Website To

Everything in the end boils down to your needs and requirements. You need to pick the best web hosting service out of the ones which are offered based on your requirements. Given below are a few hosting services we reckon to be best ones in the market.

Hostgator. Be it for private purposes or corporate reasons, Hostgator is the most prevalent hosting provider available.Hosting over 8 million domains, they also propose 1-click WordPress.

Bluehost. If reliability is what you look for, be sure to choose Bluehost. This service provider might cost higher than the others but experience is what speaks when it comes to Bluehost.

DreamHost. With an experience of 18 years in the industry and recognized for its spectacular web hosting services, DreamHost supervises over 600,000 WordPress blogs and websites. Migrate WordPress Website using this hosting service with absolutely zero setup fees and free domain.

LCN. Specializing in providing spot-onsolutions for WordPress blogs, LCN has got your back regardless of whether it is WordPress hosting or custom templates that you need, while you get your WordPress website migrated.


Migrating WordPress Website is not as difficult as it seems to be unless one comprehends with the basic concepts of WordPress. There are plenty of web hosting services online. Choosing the best one of out of these, wisely, is what you’d have to do in order to improve various facets of your website.

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