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5 Pieces of Hardware Every Photographer Needs

If you are looking to expand your photography beyond the occasional snap on your mobile phone, then there will be a few items that will be essential to taking the perfect pictures.

These don’t have to be expensive, but you also want to get the best you can afford to ensure you capture a good quality image.

Therefore, here is a list of the five pieces of hardware you will need to snap those breath-taking images you’ve always dreamed of.


Well, this is a no-brainer. If you want to take professional looking pictures, you will need a camera that can handle the job. There are lots of cameras on the market, but if you are just starting out, you want one that is easy to use and slightly forgiving to the novice.


Photographers tend to be loyal to one brand of camera such as Canon. Therefore, it’s worth trying a few to begin with, to see what you like the most. It will be one of your biggest expenditures so you should choose wisely.


If you want to get those amazing scenic shots or you wish to capture the local wildlife, you will need a steady platform. There are many sizes of tripod,therefore, make sure to thoroughly research which leg length is best for you to save you from any wasted expenditure.


If you do not need a large tripod, there are some great small tripods such as the Gorilla Tripod from joby that is not only compact but also has flexible legs that can wrap around poles or branches meaning you can take unique approaches to your photography. Your scene will take on a whole new perspective.


Whether it’s a roll of film or a memory card, photographers have always needed a medium to record their efforts. When it comes to memory cards, there are many capacities available, but in general, it is best to go for the biggest you can get.

Sites such as offtek.co.uk will offer a whole range of memory cards that you can use. It is also a good idea to carry at least one spare memory card, just in case one gets damaged, fails or becomes full.


You may not always be able to get up close and personal to the subjects you want to capture, and this is especially true for animals and birds. Therefore, you will need to take a few different lenses with you to ensure you can take exceptional photographs regardless of distance.


There are some amazing long range lenses available with crystal clear clarity. Additionally, you should also pack a few filters to bring out the tones and highlights of your pictures.

Equipment Bag

Camera Bag

Once you have bought all that equipment, you will need a strong and preferably waterproof bag to carry it all. There are bags and holdalls that feature padded sections to keep your equipment safe while in transit. Therefore, you want a bag that you find comfortable to carry around as you may find yourself covering a lot of ground for that perfect shot.

These are just a few of the things you will need, and this list is essential to the novice photographer. Over time, and when your skills flourish, you can add to your equipment, resulting in better photographs which might become sellable in the future.

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