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12 Most-Useful Tools and Services For Web Developers In 2017

We understand how important tools and services are for the web professionals. Since they are launched almost every month and not all of them are very useful, we analyze and try them to bring you the best ones.

Following is a list of top 12 web tools and services that can bring a great value to your work and projects.

 Themify.me Ultra

Themify.me Ultra is one of the most dynamic WordPress themes available in the market. With over 60 predefined layouts that can be installed with just one click, this theme can fit in almost any project. You’ll not be disappointed with the website since you get exactly what you see in the demos.


It is a great tutorial website that explains you everything that you can do using WordPress. From starting a blog to hosting a website on WordPress, they have in-depth and easy to follow tutorials and articles in their archive. They’ve also added a ‘Deals’ section to provide you with the latest deals available that can help you while you’re exploring WordPress.


It is one of the most powerful website builders in the market. With over 11 million websites already created with IMCreator.com, they have a unique technology called Polydoms, which lets you create highly responsive websites by just arranging a list of provided elements to your pages.

And yes, you need not learn HTML or CSS to build a successful website for your brand.


It is a WordPress plugin that can convert your website into a spreadsheet app within seconds. wpDataTables is probably the best plugin in the market that makes it easy to work with tables  and charts. With over 9000 companies already using this plugin for data management, it’s definitely worth a try.


Codester.com is an online marketplace where you can buy or sell all types of web development tools at one place. Also, as an added advantage, you can compare products and services from multiple providers and choose the best one to suit your project. At codester.com, you’ll find beautiful theme, templates, code snippets, plugin and more.


BugHerd is a simple yet amazing bug tracking tool for your website. You can capture client feedbacks, work to solve them and build an awesome website. It is packed with an impressive set of tools and features to cover everything you need. The free trial is for 14 days and then you can start with as low as $29 with unlimited projects and 10GB free space.


A tool that can help you approve, sign and deliver contents online, is one of the most trusted thing out there. EverSign is used by individuals, startups, small and big corporations and works perfectly for all of them. It starts with a free plan that includes 5 documents per month. The Basic plan costs $9.99 and has unlimited features, 3 predefined templates and all time support.


actiTIME is an employee timesheet tool that can be used by any kind of business. You can track and manage time, analyze the most time consuming tasks and bills your clients for the projects accurately. It has powerful reporting features to make your work easier. You can use the basic version for free, but the full version cost depends on the features you need.

 CSS Design House

CSS Design House is an aggregator of the best design agencies in the market. Here you can find the right set of professional you wish to work with and design a website that suits your needs. They have an amazing showcase of sites from top agencies and you can contact them directly in case you’re interested.


LuckyOrange plays a role of detective to make your website better for your visitors. If your visitors are coming to the website and not signing up, LuckyOrange will tell you everything they did before leaving the website. This provides great insights on how users see your webpages and what can you do to improve your conversion rate. You can start with a free trial and see how it can help you.


SalesMate is a CRM tool for small businesses. But that doesn’t mean it is any less than others. This CRM tool lets small businesses close deals faster and around 1200 sales teams across the world can justify this statement. SalesMate costs $15 a month and can be used by any kind of small business, well within the budget.


InvoiceBerry is an invoicing tool that lets professionals create and send a professional invoice to their clients in less than 60 seconds. Other important features include customization of invoice, tracking and sending reminders for payments. The forever free plan includes management of 3 clients and one user and the premium plan that costs $15 a month can work with any kind of organization.


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