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Max Polyakov, Noosphere Ventures and FAI Collaboration

On 2nd February 2017, FAI (World Air Sports Federation) and Noosphere Ventures inaugurated a fresh union to form World Technical Partnership of Noosphere Ventures and FAI.

This new collaboration consensus was authenticated by Max Polyakov and Noosphere Ventures Governing Member, Frits Brink (FAI Leader) and Susanne Schoedel (Administrator General). This collaboration is aimed at event handling, updating the achievements and digital infrastructure in the institution that is one hundred and twelve years old.

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Max Polyakov, Noosphere Ventures managing partner said that through their strategic collaboration with World Air Sports Federation, they are anxious to introduce the innovation revolution to the technical sports world.

The initial phase of this revolution was launched on 20thto 30thJuly 2017 during the World Sports in Wroclaw (Poland). The new authorized scoring structure, Cup Navigator was utilized.

The software option improves scoring and eases contest information handling. Even though it was only applied in just three events, it functioned excellently and in future, it will be rolled out to many more events.

Max Polyakov of Noosphere Ventures is happy to execute this solution in this very technological field. The greatest criticism with air sports in the difficulty is specifically weighing outcomes and performance. When at hundreds of feet in the air, it is not easy to do measurements accurately as when on the ground. The competitors struggle to overcome gravity and the judges are required to work even more hard to make sure the measurements are very accurate. The new scoring systems are created in a manner that improves clarity and exactness of each and every event.

Noosphere Ventures had begun operating with World Air Games Association in Space Modeling over four years ago (see more here). This was revealed by Michael Ryabokon, COO at Noosphere Ventures. He added that their goal has constantly been to extend into bigger sports such as paramotoring, gliding and ballooning. He also mentioned that they are pleased to have their systems operating excellently at the Globe Sports.

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Besides the achievement device, Noosphere Ventures also redesigned the Air Sports Games official website. That site now offers plenty of content regarding schedules, events, outcomes, athlete bios, and news about future events.

It is important to also note that the 2017 World Games event competitors have already observed a remarkable development over past events. Through working with Max Polyakov and Noosphere Ventures, the World Air Sports Alliance believes that their enthusiasm is going to be contagious and will attract more people to their events.
Noosphere Ventures along with Max Polyakov is also looking for ways of improving more sports.

In the beginning of this year, they hosted hackathons at various distinguished universities in Ukraine to design another scoring system for the ballooning competitions. 3 winning groups are currently working tirelessly on their prototypes in order to test their devices live during the next World Air Sports Federation Ballooning Contests.

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