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Magento Vs Shopify: Know What Works for You [Infographic]

Easily the best available platforms for ecommerce, both Magento and Shopify are rated pretty closely.

Though a number of softwares are available in the market, offering some attractive and useful features but still Magento and Shopify seem to be the preferred choice for ecommerce merchants across the globe.

Both of them offer some wonderful features along with some restrictions to usage, support and costing.
Carefully comparing the two before deciding on one, can certainly work in your favor as you don’t set up an e-store every single day and won’t like to make a transit just because the features of your ecommerce platform aren’t in sync with what your business really demands.

With this infographic below, we would understand what Magento and Shopify offer specifically in terms of features, ease of use, maintenance, security and costing.



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