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Logo Colours Design: Which One to Choose

Everywhere you look, you see the logos of companies, but have you ever wondered how these logos came about? Were they just a random whim from one of the founders? Well, most likely, no. Most logos are actually the product of months of research, design and feedback, all focused on evoking certain feelings in a brand’s target customer base.

One of the most important aspects of this logo design is the colour. There’s a reason why finance companies tend to use blue and food companies often use red. So for some inspiration, here are just some of the reasoning behind popular brand logos and the colours they choose:

The use of red in the Pizza Hut logo is more than just the use of a bold, attractive colour to grab our attention. It’s a colour associated with excitement and an increase in heart rate, but most interestingly it is believed to stimulate hunger. That’s why you’ll often see food companies with red in their logos, such as KFC, Hungry House and McDonalds.

McDonalds uses a combination of two eye-catching colours: red and yellow. These colours work in unison for this fast food company to deliver the right message and stimulate the desired feelings. Whilst the red stimulates hunger and excitement, the yellow arches create feelings of happiness, which marries perfectly with their slogan.

Online card room partypoker use orange in their logo to stimulate feelings of energy, warmth and activity. Many sports teams in America use orange in their logos for similar reasons, and it’s also a popular colour with stores like B&Q and The Home Depot to inspire DIY activity within the home. The use of black in the logo helps to balance out the fun element of the colour orange and invoke a sense of authority.

Blue is one of the most popular colours for logo design, particularly in the finance sector. This is because it invokes feelings of trust, authority, loyalty and confidence. The social media site Facebook is ultimately about keeping in contact with friendships online, and making new ones. So the colour blue works perfectly in getting across these messages. It’s also a very calming colour, perfect for browsing the newsfeed.

Another company that use a calming colour in their logo is Starbucks, who use green. Green has connotations of happiness and nature, which brings a feeling of calm to our minds. The ritual of a coffee break is of course associated with relaxing so the green of the coffee house logo works perfectly with this.

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