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15+ Leading Android App Development Companies in The World

Every day is a new beginning to technology. Innovation, otherwise called resource development, has draped the development of Operating Systems magnificently. Operating Systems are now feature-rich, technologically advanced in many aspects. Android is an Operating System worth mentioning here since the mobile world and end-users are completely dependent on this OS, due to its killer UI.

Smartphones are like survival masks in this era and hence the web it depends on. Businesses thrive on daring opportunities to expand and Android becomes an aspect that could never be disregarded due to its ocean full of benefits. In this case, addressing user concerns becomes the top priority of both the developers and the Business brains of Enterprises.

To begin with, an unrivalled Android app is a basic necessity which ispersonalized as per your or your company’s requirements but tailoredtogether by a team of professionals. Knocking at the wrong door could get you in serious trouble if you aren’t clear with your destination and the paths to lead you there. Here are some of the handpicked Android Mobile App Development companies, the best of the best, to get your business going:

[Originally Published in June 2017, Last Updated on 30th Jan 2018]


Incorporating state-of-art designs and element to serve the end-users with not only a graceful app but also complete satisfaction, Envative masters custom web and mobile app development services. Their collaborative affairs with clients, supporting them in every step of the development of a custom app to mutually reach business goals further beautifies the company’s pride.


With over 8 years of experience and over 400 apps, Apptology has gained a reputation for working on complex projects for both the enterprise and startups.  In addition, Apptology can develop on Android and any need backend requirements.  Our experienced team can guide our clients from the idea stage to deployment and we also warranty that our work is bug free for one year.


Elinext is a leading custom software and app development company for enterprises seeking expertise in Mobile, e-commerce, Big Data, BI, IoT , SAAS development and Wearable Devices for their growth. Completing 1000+ projects in 20 years, Elinext’s 200+ agile employees are strengthening businesses all around the world. With continuous development and innovation, Elinext make sure all mobile Apps they develop are tested broadly to generate engaging, perfect and exceptional user experiences with Android and iOS.



This is not just another ordinary Android App Development Company to make it to this list. Wezom is a team of veteran developers, designers and marketers who promise impeccable end-products, catering all types of enterprises and businesses in addition to online investors, who anticipate the growth of web and mobile applications and related technologies.


Artjoker is a broad mobile and web development company with its headquarters and core resources located in the USA, New York. Large experienced stuff has already spent eight years building web resources, blogs apps for the clients not only in America but also overseas. Thanks to multilaterally developed opportunities the company got an opportunity to open more markets and because of it gain not only a tremendous experience but also a wide popularity among businessmen, startuppers, and developers.


InnovationM is a family of Android Application developers who make it point to deliver software products and end-to-end tech solutions for its clients on all platforms (Web, Mobile, Middle-ware, Cloud and server back-end). InnovationM aims to meet the needs of company and demands of both the internal as well as external customers to success fully achieve high efficiency.


Located both in India and in the USA, WeDigTech is a pioneering company that offers exceptional Android App Development services. Fulfilling their clients’ needs, they have both the expertise and specialization in the field of app development for all types of organizations. Remarkably, 80% of their clients have been consistent customers and this only highlights how competent they are in retaining their quality of work and keeping up client satisfaction.

Zco Corporation

Zco is on its mission to fashion robust mobile apps for its clients has never failed as passion speaks for the developers at Zco. The Zco group of designers has its every single member dedicated to specialize in the Android Mobile App Development and also animation and enterprise software development services.


Movel provides Android App Development services and exclusively delivers native and hybrid solutions for almost all Mobile Operating Systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Movel also focuses on internet marketing,providing custom services with respect tovarious verticalsbe it events or justvideo games.They closely work with firms to plan end-to-end Android mobile application policies.


Britec, an innovative Android App Development Company with a simple viewpoint: Believing that information has the power to change, when in the right hands. Brightec puts the user first throughout the process of app development and consequently delivers engaging digital experiences.

Ripples Informatics

Delivering first-rate android App Development services, Ripples Informatics has its world-class team of designers, code ninjas and consultants, who are skilled enough to take on any app development challenge, converting unwritten ideas into real mobile apps. They promise cost-efficient and outstanding services to their clients across the world.


Lexel is an Android Mobile App Development Company based in Brighton and London, facilitating the users by delivering services likehosting, design and development around the state. Lexel guarantees Android apps that would indubitable satisfy your picky users since everything has been sketched considering the tastes of your target audience. They have built award-winning mobile applications, which is why their apps are rated superior compared to the others.


Theymark their stand on this list attributable to their groundbreaking initiatives at helping their clients by providing solutions spiced with the newest digital trends. Rokkmedia, through years of tough experience in Android Mobile App development and in other platforms like iOS, Windows and web, havefruitfully achieved a firmrank for helping users in their diverse endeavors.


Consultica is an all-in-one mobile app service provider and consultancy company with qualified Android Application developers. Employed by both startups and enterprise-level clients, Consultica, since 2009 has been engineering hundreds of apps for Web, iOS, and Android. Based in Canada, the U.S. and in Europe, Consultica is has been the primary choice and partner of numerous firms which in turn profit from their premium-quality codes and designs in mobile app analytics.


Another fantastic group of Android Application Developers with an aim to convert big ideas into reality. They are determined artists ready to put in their blood and sweat to create stunning end-products. The team at Ready4S believes that the best is often unseen and that meeting the user’s challenging requirements is their first and foremost priority.


SteelKiwi develops native applications for both iOS and Android. Starting off with a powerful strategy, to perfecting the app’s design, and thus developing its backbone, SteelKiwi gives the apps all that it has got to bring any project to the limelight in the market. This Android App Development Company can build appsfor communication and social collaboration, to VPN softwares and secure solutions for enterprises.


e-Legion works towards Android Mobile App Development for startups and enterprises. Apps developed here have brilliant UX and hencethey enhance business growth. They compromise of skilled and dedicated professionals, having found the necessary elements to develop app for every mobile OS.


They provide Android App Development services oriented towards the design and development of complex android apps. They help businesses outshine the performance of their rivals, creating high-demand mobile applications. They are highly skilled and experienced in this field, delivering more than a hundred projects, running in multithreaded mode. These interact with the margin of many devices.


What’s new here is the continued support of the Android App Development Company even after the delivery of the first version of the app. MobiDev guarantees your app’s flexible evolution according to business and market requirements. It offers full-cycle software product development to shelter your business needs be it mobile applications or sophisticated client-server systems.


iROMA is a fresh Web and Android Mobile App Development company loyal to its clients forofferingremarkableuser experiences bearing in mind their lives must be positively transformed through innovative apps.  Products from iROMA are specifically designed for their smoother use by the end-users.

 Saigal Media

With more than 3 Million Downloads and all the more successful projects, Saigal Media, if chosen, would prove the existence of the future of Android Mobile App Development. Saigal Media develops Android apps, and later integrates social features into the same to work efficiently as a solution even for corporate environments. Moreover, this Android App Development Company can also develop softwares for mobile devices with different Operating Systems.


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