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Latest WordPress Tools Tuned to 2016 Design Trends

Every year WordPress comes out with new tendencies techniques, strategies as well as design trends. It offers a number of design tools to keep it compatible to the latest design trends. There are some WordPress tools that do well with the existing web design trends.

1. Card Layouts & Galleries

WordPress Tools Tuned to 2016 Design Trends-portfolio-Gallery

Galleries, beautiful web layouts and slideshows are some of the attributes that attracts visitors. It is recommended to add lots of striking visuals that interest the website visitors. Content is an important element for any website; it is not the type of content but the way and strategy following which the content is displayed that plays the trick. It has to be visually appealing and beautifully organized.

  • WordPress Portfolio Gallery Theme is a comprehensive package of customized layouts, content organizer and the list of widgets.
  •  A Lightbox incorporated of features images can be seen along with the details of the post ad this very much provides a glimpse of the post before the reader actually reads it.
2. Responsive Design

WordPress Tools Tuned to 2016 Design Trends-Responsive Design

Responsive layout and design is the backbone of any web design. As a wide number of mobile users are growing consistently, responsiveness adds volume to the web access on mobile phones as the web layouts are supported over different browsers as well as over all the smartphones and tablets. Finding a slider plugin that functions on all kinds of devices is quite a daunting, yet interesting task. The slider plug-in presents number of slides together with different effects.

  • WordPress Slider WD Plug-in is a great option as it displays slides on all mobile devices and meets all intended requirements of receptive approach.
  • The multifunctional compatible plug-in helps displaying the content on website in an attractive manner.
3. Typography is a Vital Aspect

WordPress Tools Tuned to 2016 Design Trends-Focus on Typography

Fonts are an important element that adds to the presentation of every design, whether it is an invitation card, business card, magazine or a website. With the introduction of revolutionary Google Font updates, designers have got a freedom of choosing any fonts of their choice. More than 700 Google font options for the website can be integrated via Easy Google Fonts plug-in.

  • Coding skills are no more required due to WordPress wider compatibility with font plug-in.
  • Integrated WordPress customizer allows accessing recent changes made to the Typography in real-time.
  • It enables design your own custom fonts and these fonts are enlisted in the customizer with immediate effect.

4. Live Chat

WordPress Tools Tuned to 2016 Design Trends-Live Chat

Stay in touch with the website visitors is important as instant support is the call of the time. Zopin Live Chat plug-in helps you stay live with the audience.

  • The plug-in enables real time chat through a widget that offers multiple conversations at a time.
  • Integrated with built-in analytics system that offers important information about how the website is being used by visitors.
5. Hidden Menus

WordPress Tools Tuned to 2016 Design Trends-Hidden Menus

Hidden menus save space and make navigation smooth. It gives a clean and consistent looks to the website. It is among the trendiest ways that displays a number of menus when the visitor actually needs them; otherwise the menus are kept hidden throughout.

  • Responsive Menu plug-in enables adding three-lined menu button on the web pages. It brings or displays menu when visitor clicks on it.
  • It can be customized as per requirement and works without any coding or supporting programs.
6. Scroll & More Scroll

WordPress Tools Tuned to 2016 Design Trends-Long Scrolling

Infinite scrolling is the call of the time; therefore it is one of the trendy designing techniques which are followed by a large number of designers in their web layouts. Long scrolling is hence used in social networks and usage of mobile devices. Since more and more websites are adopting this trend, a large volume of WordPress tools started implementing this trend in their designs and this makes web browsing a fun.

  • Instagram Feed WD plug-in is a newly released plug-in that enables adding hash tags and multiple Instagram public feeds to the websites.
  • This is considered an efficient way to display images from Instagram along with all accompanying data on a single page.

For all those who take their websites seriously, it is important to optimize the website by following the latest web design trends and implement them in web development.

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