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IOS 11.2 – Is It Reasonable to Upgrade?

Everything else that you need to know about the update

1. Release date and who it is meant for

The iOS 11 release date was 6th December 2017.It is compatible with:

• iPad mini 2 and other later versions
• iPhone 5S and other later versions
• Sixth generation iPod touch and other later versions

The iOS 11.2 sends an automatic notification to the compatible devices to upgrade. In cases where this does not happen, users can trigger it manually by following these steps: Go to:

• Settings
• General
• Software Update

The new versions are not the same size. The size is determined by the device being used but this current one is bigger than many. It is around 400MB. When upgrading from version 10, you will have a big version 11 installation and your phone will be on version 11.2 when it is done

2. Deal Breakers

If your device is jail-broken beware since version 11.2 is going to break it. iOS 11 jailbreak is very simple for hackers and the 11.2 jailbreak is very possible.

In general stability, the first twenty four hours can be as confusing as you could expect for a rushed installation.

The main common consequence is Apple Pay Cash which got added at the last minute but does not work yet since the switch server side has not been made yet. Apart from that, users are told that Apple Pay Cash is delivered in the release notes while it is a US-only feature at the moment.

Other major 11th version problems include battery life problems. Especially if you engage in complex activities like playing at guts casino, the battery will die quickly. Also iPhone X users find Face ID not functioning once they upgrade.

3. What you get

Apple Pay Cash is the major addition in the 11th beta update. This feature is meant for sending, requesting and receiving money. The new software also has bug fixes and other improvements.

Other standout features that users can expect include:

Qi wireless charging for iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone X which improves the overall charging rate from 5W to 7.5W.

The last sign of the way Apple rushed this update is at their security page where they have written “details available soon”.

Conclusion : If you are restart bug victim, then it is reasonable for you to upgrade. Any other problems that you are likely to encounter will not be as serious as finding it difficult to operate your phone. Everyone else should keep off this update. It was so rushed, its headline feature does not function, its security content is to be expected later and restarting is a challenge. Apart from all that, its description is not accurate especially to those who live outside the United States.

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