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How Windows 10 Will Affect Web Design

Windows has finally unveiled the last version of its OS- Windows 10. From here on, Microsoft plans to stop new version launches and instead focus on frequent update model with minor tweaks in current version as per market demands for OS change. Windows seems to keep its vanity aside to the extent of even learning and implementing the practices of rivals. For instance, the Mission Control feature of Windows 10 is an imitation of Mac OS. Also gauging the functionalities of previous versions of Windows, the Start menu is back. So this way, Windows 10 is a package of great many idea packed into a user-friendly interface.

Let’s understand the 3 ways Windows 10 will leave greatly impact website design processes.

1) Windows 10 is the First Fully Responsive OS

Microsoft was not a part of mobile revolution. It has a desktop OS that majority of business and individuals use, however when it comes to mobile OS, Windows mobiles are secondary to second choices competing against popular OS Android and iOS. Windows of course has its own proponents in terms of mobile but unfortunately they are worth a cuckoo in 100 nests.

This said, we cannot ignore Windows 10 being the 1st fully responsive OS. Microsoft’s fate took a drooping curve after acquiring Nokia which did nothing good to the company besides a tax write-off. However, Microsoft’s audacious attempt to make its OS fully responsive turned the table around for Microsoft leapfrogging its rivals Android and iOS.

Windows 10 now runs seamlessly on mobile. It is reported that Microsoft is embarking on the road to deliver services on limited high-end customer with the help of Windows 10. This alludes to the increase in the number of Windows mobiles in future, it is yet to turn eyeballs as a major revolution. This said Windows 10 is also all set to power Microsoft’s Xbox One console. This will reduce the experience gap between desktop browsing and TV viewing. So if Xbox One runs a full-fledged version of Edge, the web designers have an important task of designing for larger HD screens. This will enhance the viewing experience even at a greater distance compared to normal desktop and mobile display. Windows 10 may be configured to enhance mobile experience, but what will leave a greater impact is its ability to go beyond mobile.

2) CORTANA to Lead a Disruptive Search Mechanism

Cortana is Microsoft’s personal assistant software that forms an essential part of the revived version of start menu of Windows 10. Cortana is however limited to places like U.S, U.K, China, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. Other countries like Japan, Australia, Canada, India, Brazil, and Mexico are soon to follow.

The role of natural speech patterns to transform search-

Cortana’s significance increases as it facilitates more convenient form of search- through speaking. Often, when we type keywords like content blogs we get irrelevant searches. But with Cortana you can simply enhance search results by speaking, Cortana, find me good content blogs.


Quality content is the future of brand success and even to ensure that major search engines like Google are doing away from SEO and keyword focus. This said, Cortana’s ability to search through speech patterns will present more filtered results and also propel creation of quality content.

3) Windows 10 has Wider Range of Choices

Windows has always focused on 2 key aspects as its strong differentiators- Budget and wider range of apps available like Microsoft Office, and games. The big hole in Windows 10 is lack of app options. For instance, Microsoft Edge has no necessary plugins. Also the Windows store, an imitation of Google’s Play store and iTunes success, lacks wide options. And the biggest concern is whether design software packages like Affinity Suite and Sketch 3 will be available on Windows.

This said, Windows 10 has however has taken a positive step by embracing rapid update methodology in its final version to suit market demand. Windows 10 is also likely to revisit their previous decisions that made it most popular OS around the world. So you can expect Windows 10 to come up with more options, greater competitive features, and greater innovation.


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