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How to Write SEO Friendly Content?

The job of a blog writer is as difficult as to write a book. The additional duty of a blog writer is to write engaging and appealing content! If your content follows SEO techniques then it gets maximum shares. This article gives you some basic knowledge of writing SEO friendly articles.

  1. You should first plan what you want to write

What is the main aim of your post? How would you keep your readers engage with your post till the end? Do you want your readers to comment at the end of your post? All such questions should be answered before you start writing your post. So plan and think before you start writing!

  1. Note down the framework of your blog post

Your posts should always have a proper framework. Your blogs should contain the following:

  • A totally developed introduction where you initiate the aim of the topic
  • The body of your post should describe the main idea of the topic
  • The conclusion should give the overview and infer the ideas present in the post.
  1. Break Your Articles Into Paragraphs

You should divide your content into a number of paragraphs. This makes your post crisper. Your content writing agency should keep this in mind while improving your content.

  1. Use Captivating Headlines

The headline or the heading of a post attracts the most number of readers. To have an SEO friendly post it is vital that your headline of the post should be readable too. Maximize the use of content writing company to create compelling headlines.

  1. Signals Words should be used

Signal words give the opportunity to readers to know the central idea of the article. These words such as ‘consequently’ always signals the reader that the article is on a concluding note.

  1. Make others read your post

Let someone read your post before you publish it. This proofreading helps you to get a general view of the readers upon your writing. You may hire content writing services for this job.

  1. Always keep a watch on the length of your article

Your articles should be between 300 to 700 words. Neither shorter than that nor longer than that too! Always make sure your main keyword of the article should hold a weight of 2 to 3 percent in your entire article. Hire SEO copywriters as blog content should have a specific word limit.

  1. Link your content to the previous content

You should always keep linking your present content with the previous ones if you are writing on the same subject. Then Google will give a higher rank to your post.

  1. Always keep adding content on a regular basis

If you keep on adding content to your website then your website would have a status of being active. If your website is not active then Google doesn’t show your website in most searches.

  1. Utilize Yoast SEO plugin

To make your post SEO friendly you should essentially use the Yoast SEO plugin tools. You should know the following about this tool:

  • Helps to initiate meta description
  • This tool helps to make your writing more readable
  • It checks if you have used the keywords in the appropriate places of the article
  • This tool keeps a track of the number of images and links present in your post
  • It also lets you know that other pages have the same keyword as yours so that you can avoid competition

It is very vital for your post to get a high ranking by Google. This is where an SEO friendly post fetches you a high rank. But more than that you should write very well and should have an appealing content!

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