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How to Further Your Freelance Marketing Career

Today, businesses of all sizes and industries need the skills and knowledge of professional marketers in order to do well and achieve success. For those who are skillful in marketing and have a lot to offer, becoming a freelancer and working remotely for a number of different clients, rather than working in-house and being employed by just one company, is becoming an increasingly popular career choice. However, working as a freelance marketer is also becoming more competitive, so in order for you to take your freelance career to the next level it’s important to improve your portfolio and ensure that you have an edge over your competition. We’ve listed some of the best ways to do this here:

Further Your Education

Furthering your education is a great way to prove yourself as a marketer and provide your clients with something that they can trust when finding out more about you. Studying for a degree such as an online marketing degree from Arizona State University will help you to keep up with the latest marketing trends, identify your strong and weak points, learn new skills, and above all, impress your clients with a relevant qualification. The great thing about studying online is that you can also do this from home, making it the perfect, flexible choice for freelancers looking to take an online bachelor of science in marketing or similar.

Build Your Portfolio

When you are speaking to potential new clients, you’ve probably noticed that the main thing they want to know is how much work you’ve done in the past and whether or not you have any examples. Although you can produce examples that haven’t actually been used by anybody, doing as much work as possible for clients that actually goes live so that other potential clients can see the results of is a far better way to win them over. Even if you have to offer free or discounted work in order to develop a strong portfolio of examples, it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Focus on Your Online Presence

As a freelance marketer, you’re probably aware that most of the work is going to be found online. Because of that, standing out from the crowd of other freelancers available to hire remotely should be one of your most important priorities. The only way in which you can successfully do this is to build and expand your online presence. This means not only having a website that is going to encourage potential new clients to find out more about you and the services that you offer, but also being active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and utilising other digital marketing channels such as email marketing or forum posting to give your freelance business as much exposure as possible. You might also want to think about starting a business blog.

For marketers, working on a freelance basis is becoming more and more popular. However, in order to be truly successful in any freelance industry, it’s important to keep following the main strategies.

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