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How Is Magento Development Creating Ripples In Online World

Magento plays the same role for an eCommerce technology as do WordPress for the CMS industry. Both of these CMS’s are extremely popular with the users as well as businesses. However, Magento is leading the race because of its advanced and enterprise level features. No matter how complex the business is, Magento comes out to be the ideal solution for pocket-friendly, efficient and robust customization solutions.

This eCommerce CMS is being used by large sized brands like Nike, Ford, Olympus, Nestle, Samsung and many others to showcase their presence on the web.

Why Magento web development is a must have for every business?

As discussed above, Magento is an enterprise class eCommerce platform empowering millions of websites. Over 200,000 online retailers have already established their presence on the web.

Owing to its powerful and flexible features, Magento has earned the crown to deliver stores that get improved rankings in search engines. This is the reason to choose Magento development services that have been emerging over the years. It offers extremely flexible, scalable and easy to use solution for delivering websites according to the requirements of clients.

Listed below are some of the advantages that make Magento an ideal choice for both small and large sized eCommerce businesses.

Community and support

Support is extremely important, be it any eCommerce business and Magento development community is extremely proactive at that. The community of Magento is quite huge, expanding and helpful. There are multiple forums, blogs and readily available resources that are quite valuable, when it comes to getting help for the Magento CMS. There are multiple options to look for when seeking help for Magento web development.

Looking forward to Magento web development is a great idea since the CMS has a great community support available both for the developers and eCommerce businesses. Since the CMS is open source in nature, there is a huge community of developers available to help and assist. The community assures that each user or developer is on the same page. Not only in terms of security, but the CMS is also quite speedy. With regular updates being announced and implemented, Magento keeps fulfilling the requisites of users.

Availability of multiple modules and plugins

Magento comes loaded with extra functionality to meet the requirements of any sized business. However, if you are looking for that specific functionality or extra oomph to match the theme of your business, Magento development services are must to look out for.

Magento features a large number of free as well as paid extensions that are easily available. It has extension for any kind of feature to be implemented in the website with ease. Some great examples of Magento extensions that you can look out for are, “one page checkout”, “live chat support”, “blog extension”, “social sharing” and so on.

With the availability of these extensions, it becomes highly flexible to optimize the website and make it exactly the way as required by business.

Magento is completely SEO friendly

Magento comes with diverse search engine optimized functionality that are sufficient to support all the SEO requirements. By using Magento, you get the most compelling SEO features that have various URL options, keywords, meta tags and site maps along with description and title. It also features Google sitemap installed that offers developers an option to help search engines identify what products or services are incorporated in the store.

By choosing Magento web development, you are choosing a platform that is designed keeping the SEO attributes in mind. Whether it is customizing a URL for SEO’s best practices or adding multi-layered navigation, Magento has it all.

Product alerts

Magento allows customers to subscriber alerts via email. The two types are: in-stock alerts and price change alerts. In the price alert subscription, a subscription mail is sent to the customer whenever a price drop is seen or any special price promotion is going on. Customers who have signed up for the subscription receives an email alert. Similarly, in-stock alerts specify that the product is back in-stock which earlier was not in stock.

With the help of this feature, Magento manages to bring shoppers back to the store and reconsider purchasing the product that might have been selected earlier.

Final verdict!

When it comes to delivering advance eCommerce solutions, Magento counts to be one of the wisest choice. It is known for extreme flexibilities as it can transform a website according to the business needs. Owing to out-of-the-box functionality, Magento web development services are high in vogue these days.

Author- bio : Jason Larue is a reputed Magento developer employed at PHPDevelopmentServices. He enjoys exploring the latest technologies Magento web development Services. Apart from being a developer, he has contributed on all high quality write-ups like Magento theme and also loves to share his development expertise with the readers.

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