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How Important is SEO for Your Website?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is essential for improving your website’s performance and rankings when web users search for your business online. Not only is this important for first time customers to your site, who may come across your site after conducting a search, but it’s also essential for improving the number of visitors, or traffic, to your site. You might have invested in a shiny new website, but failing to correctly improve your SEO won’t see traffic levels rise. It can be difficult to know where to start, but there are a few key areas to keep in mind then reviewing SEO on your website.

Visibility and Pick Up

Keeping your branding and content consistent are crucial for improving your site’s visibility and pick up. Keep the wacky imagery and slightly more unusual content for your social media presence, and keep your website as purely a digital marketing tool. Have a good look through your site; what is the user experience like for your visitors? Is your site slow to load? Is it hard for users to navigate around your website? If your overall website delivers all of the right goods then you’re in an even better position to revise your site’s SEO.

Search Engine Rankings

Failure to correctly use search engine optimization will have a negative effect on your website rankings.You can improve things for your ranking by making a few changes across your website or even throughimproving the use of Meta tags. Once your sitemap and site structure has been improved, you’re guaranteed to see changes in how your website performs in overall search engine rankings – perhaps even moving up your current search pageand, if you’re lucky, topping your competitors.

Impacting Your Users

Better use of SEO will have a direct result on your users. From their initial choice of your site from a search engine results page, to navigating to a website that is much easier to use, and easier to navigate, keeping those visitor numbers high has a direct impact on your business. Once your SEO has improved though, don’t think that your work will all stop there. Content will need to be updated on a regular basis, and you also need to ensure to review your branding and imagery every six months to check that you’re keeping in line with key trends and consumer requirements.

Don’t Forget Keywords

You might be familiar with the use of key words, or even use them on a regular basis, but are you using them correctly? Don’t forget that the traffic to your site isn’t driven by a single key word. Be creative and think of alternative synonyms or terms. Using the right amount of key words are essential for improving your SEO ranking. Remember to cover a variety of options and undertake some research when coming up with your key words – keep them as linguistically varied as your site visitors.

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