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10 Handy WordPress Timeline Plugins to Create Engaging Timelines

In this post, we have showcased 10 best WordPress Timeline Plugins which can help you in creating visually appealing timelines on your WordPress powered websites. These WordPress Timeline Plugins comes with many useful features with the help of which different types of Timelines can be created for websites swiftly and effortlessly. WordPress is the most widely used CMS and it has many themes, scripts and plugins that have made working on WordPress even more simpler.

Here, you will discover 10 Best WordPress Timeline Plugins for creating timelines on WordPress powered websites. So, without further ado, let us look at them one by one.

Cool Timeline Pro

Cool Timeline Pro is a superior WordPress timeline plugin that presents your life history or your organization’s story timeline in a vertical sequential or responsive horizontal order according to the time and year of the posts and can also be used to create a timeline theme. With the help of this plugin, you can also transform your blog posts into a blog timeline by using its amazing timeline template creator.

WP Timeline

WP Timeline WordPress Plugin allows you build and display a stunning timeline, tales, and history on your website page. With this plugin, any category, tags, post types, taxonomy can be displayed on the timeline through shortcodes.


This WordPress Timeline is a responsive slider element with touch-swipe navigation. Text, video or images can be added on the slider with MegaSlider WordPress timeline plugin.

WordPress Ultimate Timeline

With WordPress Ultimate Timeline plugin, you can effortlessly create visually appealing timeslines for your websites powered by WordPress. This timeline plugin has an advanced admin panel with many styling options, custom cons and much more. And moreover, this plugin is easily expandable as it has been developed using Object-Oriented Programming.

Visual Composer Extension Addon

Visual Composer Extensions addon is especially made for an About page. It comes with 3 styles and all three look fresh and clean. Icons and images can be added on the timeline easily, thus allowing you to augment the look of your timeline.

Viavi WordPress Timeline

Viavi WordPress Timeline plugin is a skillfully developed Plugin for users to show their work and events on a timeline in unlike ways. This WordPress timeline plugin comes in different features and styles which assists the users to generate diverse timeline looks and selections. Its design functionality and user interface, are very beautiful.

TM Timeline

This plugin has a simple and user-friendly interface that lets you present the most significant events of your business sequentially, which can be a great addition on your ‘About Us’ page. With TM Timeline plugin, timelines can be built easily and swiftly.

WordPress Social Timeline

With the help of WordPress Social Timeline plugin, you can recover images, posts, videos, statuses from different social media sites in a timeline format, which you can sort as per the criteria given.

Simple Vertical Timeline

This plugin let you build a timeline on any page or article quickly. This timeline plugin gives you the flexibility to install via simple buttons in editor or through adding short code.

Timeline Ultimate

Timeline Ultimate is a clean responsive HTML & CSS3 timeline grid for WordPress and with this timeline plugin, posts can be displayed like they are displayed on Facebook timelines.


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