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Graphic Design Trends to Watch out For in 2018 [Infographic]

Because design moves so quickly, looking forward into the coming year to predict emerging design trends can be telling and exciting. How have consumer tastes and needs changed, and how is design evolving to meet us where we are at?

The design team at Coastal Creative anticipates that design in 2018 will be all about the aesthetics of contrast, blending elements of different mediums to create striking visual distinctions. Think photographs overlaid with vectors, web pages split into striking columns, and flat illustrations come to life with subtle movements.

This motif of contrast is a potent metaphor for the times we live in, when the distinction between the real and digital worlds seems to grow blurrier with each passing day. Many predict we are on the brink of a new age of digitalization, and tech giants like Apple and Google are investing millions into the effort to bring augmented reality to a mass market audience. On a more mundane level, we all consume a lot of content that pushes at the boundary between analog and electronic, from Snapchat filters to images that blend photography and CGI. Digital design in 2018 replicates and plays with this blending of worlds through the aesthetics of contrast.

Check out theĀ annual design trends infographic from Coastal Creative below :

[Click on the Infographic to see the bigger and clearer image of Infographic]

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