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Fresh CSS Frameworks for Developers

Being the most structured and organized language, CSS has become one of the most popular programming languages. Other that styling the website, it helps running websites comparatively faster making them SEO friendly offering a professional look as well. Although, it offers many potential benefits, it is difficult to develop a clean and consistent CSS.

CSS- Functions & Benefits

A number of things can be done with CSS that includes

  • modifications to the web layouts
  • typesetting and lightweight coding
  • control the font styling
  • control theme throughout
  • adjusting letter spacing
  • maintaining consistent appearance

CSS offers a number of benefits such as great accessibility with faster download, easier updates and modifications, greater control over presentation, more formatting features and other Search Engine Optimization benefits.

In this article, we will discuss fresh CSS frameworks to consider in 2016 that helps writing clean CSS and accomplishing projects following on-time strategy.

1. Scooter CSS

Fresh CSS Framework

An SCSS framework specializes in providing CSS components, base styles and speedy static prototypes for Dropbox. It is a full stack J2EE framework that requires a fundamental know-how on Java and Servlet.

2. Leaf CSS

Fresh CSS Frameworks

Based on Google’s material design ideology, it incorporates a bunch of design elements including icons, fonts, color palettes, gridlines and much more. This ability makes it among the fresh frameworks that must be used by designers this year.

3. Fox CSS

Fresh CSS Frameworks

Fox is said to be lightweight, secure and a modular CSS framework that offers a number of tools to make designing easier. Although, it does not dictate the website, it simply offers a lot of web layout prospects. It can be used in association with other CSS frameworks.

4. Miligram CSS

4. Fresh CSS Frameworks

Known to be a minimalist CSS framework, it is designed for higher productivity and faster performance and offers a minimal style set up for a clean, consistent and quick starting point. It has nothing to do with the user interface and incorporates a few resetting properties.

5. Layers CSS

Fresh CSS Frameworks

This framework is integrated with progressively enhanced columns, fluid grids and many other potential features. It is a lightweight framework that is designed with the motive of enhancing practical cases. The framework is free from dependencies and offers customized features.

6. Baseguide CSS

Fresh CSS Frameworks

This robust framework is specially meant for prototyping and brings together important base elements in a smaller, yet customizable package which is comparatively powerful and consistent and lightweight.

7. Mimic CSS

Fresh CSS Frameworks

Said to be an inline- css rather than a framework, Mimic is undoubtedly beautiful, effortless to utilize and a modular components for Content Management System.

8. Cascade CSS

Fresh CSS Frameworks

This framework is rich in features covering base templates, navigation elements, non- semantic grid layouts, typography, table designs and much more. It develops high performance web layouts that are compatible with almost all the browsers.

9. Emastic CSS

Fresh CSS Frameworks

Emastic gives a broad perception to web layouts that explore immeasurably the design world providing it extra elasticity. This framework is easy to use that allows fixed and fluid columns. Grid typography and customized page widths makes designs consistent.

10. Neutron CSS

Fresh CSS Frameworks

Neutron is a CSS framework primarily associated with columns. It arranges the columns with all integral attributes such as the dimensions, margin, re-arrange settings and much more.

These CSS frameworks are developed with the aim to make the functionality of Cascading Style Sheet more practical, efficient, affluent and scalable. It presents the same page in different manner on different media. CSS codes rest in a separate file and cached in web browser on initial request and don’t require subsequent downloads for other web pages.


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