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Freelance Web designers: Improve Your Productivity with These 3 Techniques

Freelancing as opposed to a full-time job provides you with the benefit of flexibility and a time away from the 9 to 5 schedule. However, the major concern for freelancers, especially the web designers comes down to productivity. The prime reason behind this lack of productivity comes from the fact that it is rather tough to focus on one task for long hours especially when no one is looking over you or forcing a schedule filled with deadlines.

The internet platform is filled with hacks to increase your productivity issues but seldom do we realize that the affectivity of those hacks depends on their compatibility with our lifestyle. One more thing required for these hacks to work is a strong presence of discipline.

Well, fret not, because here are some tried and tested techniques for increasing your productivity if you are a freelance web designer.

1. Finish up the client’s work within 4 hours with Be Theme’s websites that are pre-built:

“Be Theme”, a multi-purpose and responsive WordPress based theme, houses a collection of 300+ websites that are pre-built for the users to choose from. It is the largest collection of such websites in the market. Here users can opt any website design from the selection available. All you need to do is spare a few minutes followed by an installation with a single click. Thus you save a lot of time with enhanced productivity.

When you opt for “Be Theme”, you do not require any kind of coding or wireframing for the same that consumes a lot of time otherwise. The first thing you need to do is install the themed website and go for modifications as per the requirement of your client. Aren’t easy work and more money a dream for every freelancer? This simple technique helps to make that dream come true within a short span of time.

2. Do not force yourself to adhere to a schedule, instead go for a mixed daily routine:

Being on time and sticking to deadlines is necessary when it comes to showing your client that you are dedicated to your work. However, this doesn’t mean you should force yourself to the brim. Creativity doesn’t come under pressure. This is why many creative web designers who work under pressure fail to provide the quality that they used to flaunt. Now, completing the task is an unavoidable requirement for your sustainability. In order to be fruitful yet relaxed, make sure you use the technique of mix and match. Say for example, when you find yourself unable to work, try a small walk at the local park or maybe play with your pet.

3. Compute your productivity cost on a daily basis:

Now, one might say talking a walk or playing with your dog might be a waste of time. But this is far from the truth. It helps you calm down and analyze things in a better way. However, delaying a task simply because you don’t want to do it could hamper your productivity as well as earning. Make sure you practice “bookkeeping”.

This will help you realize the time you let go without doing anything substantial. Try to be productive in other ways to help avoid wasting time. When you take a look at you per hour earning as compared to the hours you waste doing nothing, you will find that procrastinating costs you a lot. Always ensure that you keep track of any lost time which could have got you an increased earning.

Why does this work?

Taking a short break relaxes your brain and a well-relaxed brain is capable of completing higher amount of tasks in the smaller time frame. You might push yourself to complete a 3-hour deadline but the quality generated by the same won’t be worth. Instead, invest 5 minutes from those 3 hours to relax and watch your work get completed at a faster pace.

Implementing these full-proof techniques in your daily life can help you bag your worth as a freelancer in web designing without making you push your limits. It might be tough in the beginning but every good thing requires patience and discipline to show results.

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