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30 Awesome Free Slab Serif Fonts for Headlines and Logos

Slab serif fonts are relatively eye-catching and flexible that can be used in a range of contexts. This font is characterized by solid, block-like serifs and was most admired during the nineteenth century. Conventionally, slab serifs are believe one of the best fonts for headlines and titles. Though, some of these typefaces can work well for setting text.

I’m presenting a list 30 Free slab serif fonts which will look perfect with headlines and logos of websites. But do remember to check fonts license to check whether they can be used for commercial projects and personal use.

Patua [Download]

Napo [Download]

Belgrano [Download]

Ansley Display [Download]

Bonie [Download]

Locke [Download]

Lev Black Distressed [Download]

Arciform [Download]

Newslab Regular [Download]

Bitter ht [Download]

Nexa Slab [Download]

London [Download]

Chelsea [Download]

Choplin Free Font [Download]

Arctic [Download]

Saros [Download]

Farsan [Download]

Superlative [Download]

Ikaros [Download]

Euphorigenic [Download]

Dissimo Medium [Download]

Klinic [Download]

Silver Fake [Download]

Highlands [Download]

Geared [Download]

Bree [Download]

Copse [Download]

Monique [Download]

Podkova [Download]

Glegoo [Download]

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