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40 Remarkable and Free Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions are recorded steps that help users recreate an editing style, instead of having to repeat each step each time. Using actions increases efficiency and decreases time spent editing an image or photo. In this post, we’ll show you how to do the following effects using free actions:

  • Vintage Effects
  • Black and White Effects
  • HDR Effects
  • Color Enhancing Effects

There are countless actions available that can be downloaded for free, and in this post we’ll feature 45 of them. Some of these are individual actions and others are sets that include multiple actions. These actions have been created by various designers and photographers and have been made available for free download.

Keep in mind that while Photoshop actions can be extremely useful and helpful, the results will vary from one photo to the next. Not every photo will look great with every action. Experiment with them and you’ll get a good feel for which actions work best with certain types of photos

Silver Photoshop Action

Misty Blue Photoshop Actions

Faded Cross Process Action

Aged Black & White Action

Desert Dust Photoshop Actions

Express Eye Bright Photoshop Action

Faded Film Photoshop Action

Cold Nightmare

Bold Black & White Photoshop Action

Boldness Photoshop Action

HDR Action

Silver Photoshop Action

Faux HDR Action

Sleeklens Photoshop Actions

Walden Instagram Effects

Vintage Matte Action

Old Film Photoshop Action

Matte Photoshop Action

Film Effect Action

Blue Evening

Nightmare Photoshop Action

Glory Days Photoshop Action

Pretty Lady Actions

Summer Haze Photoshop Action

Vintage Light Leak Photoshop Action

Vintage Pro


Hazy Afternoon Photoshop Action

Sunlight Actions

Intensify Photoshop Action

Sunset Photoshop Action

Gorgeous Redheads Photoshop Actions

Lomo Photoshop Action

Vintage Light Leak Photoshop Action

Cross Processed Action

Blue Action

Burgundy Wine Matte Photoshop Action

Colors Actions

Cinema Action

Copper Sunlight Photoshop Action


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