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Factors That Can Increase Social Shares of Your Content

All those who are well aware with the art of creating content, it is a very true known fact that they always have an outline of the content and the title. With the common goal of driving more traffic through a content that goes viral, weightage is also given to the tone to make sure that it conveys right message to the potential audience.

No doubt, each and every content creator wants their content to be shared and spread on a wider scale. More the shares more would be the accessibility ratio and this directly results in success of any website. One of the easiest ways to reach endless audience is via social sharing of blogs. Not only the social shares drive traffic to the website but also increase its rank on the search engines. Social presence of users and the backlinks being generated on social sites plays a significant role in determine the page rank on the search engine’s organic listing.

2. Factors That Can Increase Social Shares of Your Content

Things to Consider while Planning SEO Strategy

Content that exists on social sites appears on search engine listings; therefore, it is imperative to consider the social aspect of the content while planning the marketing strategy.

Quality Speaks

While creating content and implementing and optimizing the marketing strategy, one thing that must be considered foremost is the quality of the content. It is rather considered that Content is the King in SEO field; therefore, it must be unique and must be meaningful. Unique content not only gain most shares, but also accelerate website ranking on the search engine.

Translucency Matters

Content appearance on the website must reflect the message as well as the importance of the product. It must tell audience why and how the product is beneficial. Each and every design element from images to the font and links plays a vital role in sharing the content and making it popular among masses. Always make sure that the content is organized and straightforward.

What to Do for Gaining More Social Shares?

Some of the tips on how to design your content for more social shares are discussed in the upcoming section.

Branding is Important

Imagine you found a really informative piece of content and need more information about the same; at the same time you don;t know where to get the relevant information. Always remember to provide a link to your website to whatever element you mention. While designing a template, always keep the design elements and appearance consistent. Users will immediately recognize the product if the content appear similar.

Less Text & More Images

An image is worth thousand words, and yes, this is undoubtedly true. Provide more visual effects to your website to make it more expressive. In this busy era, visitors do not have much time to spend reading long text and description about the product. Therefore, add pictures that would convey message aboutthe qualities of the product why it is required and what benefits it proffers.

Screen ShotsAdds Weightage

Screenshots are an essential component, particularly, when it is about describing a procedure or defining any workaround method. This also adds weightage to the content and increases the chances of social shares. They might not appear attractive at all times, but yes, they are helpful and informative and save your efforts of defining each and every aspect of the lengthy work around procedures and processes.


It is undoubtedly helpful to provide Share Me button to the content to make it more sharable. Creating a unique piece of content is important for a successful SEO strategy, but without a sharing button at the end of the post prevents it from thousands and may be countless social shares.

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