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Discover Remarkable Trend of Dynamic Abstract Home Pages

Most notifying element of any homepage is the image as it makes the websites worth exploring. With the change in technology, the designing trends have been changed tremendously. The static appearance of websites has taken the face of dynamic abstract homepages. With this, the arena of web designing turns incredibly into attention grabbing domain.

Although static pages have their own advantages over the dynamic homepage, but the trendy appearance of the dynamic websites offers more readability. Here, the top examples of the fresh trend of dynamic abstract home pages are mentioned to give a more advanced understanding about the same.

1. Void


With the help of Geometric elements, a mind blowing abstract artwork can be developed. Void’s front page is designed using the latest trend welcomes online audience with the best ever dynamics and represents a best example of the fresh trends of dynamic abstract homepages.

2. Jeep

2 -Jeep

It might appeared to be quite weird at first, but not to the luxury ride lover’s. The homepage is inspired by kaleidoscopic technology and patterns and is developed using the same. The homepage attracts attention once you reach there and click the Start button.

3. Kurokawa Wonderland


It represents an ultimate example of finest collaboration between the background as well as the foreground. No doubt, the beauty of designing with the bled of talent can be seen in this dynamic webpage.

4. NodePlus


The designer has digitalised the kaleidoscopic patterns in such a beautiful rhythmic artwork that is hard to define into words. It is full of colors, dynamic items and geometric shapes. The dynamic homepage trend introduces a fresh approach in the minds of upcoming designers.

5. Setetres

5 -Setetres

It is an incredible example of the talent, skill and creativity that the designer has put into practicality. The playfulness of the dynamic canvas makes the homepage far more interesting. Moving the mouse pointer over the screen is really amazing and the combination of dark and light color theme builds an impressive and enigmatic environment.

6. Webnovation


The expertise of designing is well integrated in this dynamic homepage. The design, the color theme, background, font, contrast and other elements being used are just so perfect. With smooth navigation, it adds up to the excitement and compels the user to go through the website. The entire concept makes it worth browsing.

7. Super Top Secret

7. SuperTopSecret

Moving the mouse throughout the webpage is amazing and the navigation makes it more enthusiastic. Bursting of the shade while scrolling down the webpage is what brings liveliness to the website. This is another perfect example of fresh trend of dynamic abstract home pages.

8. Dream Team

8. DreamTeam

With a blend of perfect color combination and with highlighting font, the website serves a great user experience. The navigation is not only smooth but interesting as well. The royal color theme makes the website lavishly royal and convinces the readers to browse all through and read more.

9. On Screen

9. OnScreen

The Home page actually reveals the fact that the web design trends have been changed enormously. The height of potential skills and talent of the web designer and developer can be estimated with the bold experiments being used. It renders quite a gaming experience as clicking on the homepage is playful.

10. Nathan Riley

10. NathanRiley

The sophisticated looks make the professional portfolio of Nathan Riley more descriptive. Dark night sky with a starry effect makes it really interesting to navigate through out. It serves a playground for users as it sticks the pattern to the mouse pointer that adds to the zeal of browsing through the website.

11. Mark Knoles


The personal portfolio of Mark Knoles becomes more readable with the trendy home page. The geometry inspired shapes attracts attention of the readers. The color theme and the contract make the homepage sophisticated and give it a classy appearance. The dark and bright combination is something that is worth noticing.


The above mentioned professional websites denotes fresh trend of dynamic abstract home pages and exemplifies the potential skills and knowledge of the innovative web designers. The incredible innovation of the creative minds has changed the definition of the home pages and this brings the standards of the industry to the remarkable heights.

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