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 Developing Your E-commerce Site for The Future: 5 Things to Consider

With online store sales forecasted to nearly double by 2018, the competition for customers in eCommerce development will increase remarkably. E-stores with the innovative user experiences will be placed to beat out their rivals. Since most online retailers focus traditional marketing strategies such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, analytics, and email marketing; only a few of them experiment with new trends.In this highly-competitive online market, you really need to come up with a unique website that will make you stand out from the crowd.

If you are going to launch or develop an ecommerce website, you need to take some time and think about some new trends that will boom in upcoming years. In this post, you will find 5 things that must be taken into account when developing a future online store:

Mobile Commerce is Must

Mobile commerce is fast; take out a smartphone from your pocket, simply browse the app or website and buy the desired product within a few clicks. Mobile transactions are expanding, and they are forecasted to command in 2020 with 45% of all e-commerce sales. Undoubtedly, mobile devices are going to be a powerhouse of ecommerce in the upcoming years, and it’s clear that it will not dissipate anytime soon.

In order to keep your website in the mobile curve, keep following these tips in mind:

  • Online marketers have been talking for years about having a fully-responsive website. Make sure your ecommerce website is mobile-friendly. Going ahead, having one will be necessary.
  • Make sure the checkout process is as fast as smooth on the mobile phones. Most retailers fail to offer seamless mobile transactions as they are providing on the desktop.
  • Most well-established online retailers have already come up with their own mobile apps, so how will you survive long with just a website. A mobile app can help you provide better shopping experience to the users while comparing to a mobile-friendly site.

 1. Consider Functionality Over Looks

Functionality should be the top priority while developing an eCommerce website. You should choose it over other trendy elements which generally look awkward to use. However, your upcoming online store must not look old-fashioned including some modern touches that won’t spoil at all.Magento development is preferred by most retailers due to its high functionality and plethora of extensions. With extensions, you can enhance the overall functionality of your ecommerce website. Hidden navigation panels with pop-ups are the excellent combination of user-friendliness and functionality.With these panels, you can better highlight your products.Functionality is a king of e-commerce websites, and it’s definitely going to be a trend in 2018 as well.

2. Try Out Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We all know about artificial intelligence (AI). In 2018, some website may incorporate AI in their products and categories in order to provide a better customer experience. According to one report, Microsoft and Amazon are collaborating to integrate their Cortana and Alexa (digital assistants). So, the Cortana users will be able to use Alexa, and vice versa on a wide range of mobile devices. They will solve multiple issues, and customers don’t need to waste time doing tasks that they can perform in a jiffy. 2018 will see some significant discoveries in ecommerce with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

3. Consider Chatbots

Unlikely Live Chat option which is already adopted by several online stores, chatbots are expected to make big in the online market. Many customers really love chatbots as they make the online shopping experience more interesting. Moreover, chatbots will be able to work with AI and help customers find their way on a website. As a site owner, chatbots will also help you automate several time-consuming tasks the way Siri or Cortana do.

4. Avoid Intrusive Ads

It is another most important thing that must be considered while developing an ecommerce website. Customers have been tired of seeing inappropriate ads.If you look at the recent survey performed by YouGov study; 47% of young generation is using the ad blocker. This high figure is indicating that how users are getting frustrated by ads.So, how will you manage to engage the users while still showing ads on your ecommerce website? Rather than accepting the common idea that advertisements will always be shown, you can make ads worth seeing. Using native ad formats (such as Snapchat’s 3V) can keep users from being moved out of fascinating experiences. You can allow users to skip ads by using permission-based marketing that will let them raise their hands willingly to see your ads.

5. Customer-Friendly Policies (Additional)

In e-commerce, competition is always tough — but it’s very aggressive when expanded by the extensiveoptions available on the web. Savvy online buyers know that if you don’t provide what they’re seeking for and offer it the way they are, they have several other ways to get what they need. The majority of shoppers admit they conduct in-depth research before purchasing anything online. And, they can be quickly fascinated by the competition if better deals are available anywhere. To get buyers purchase your products happily, you will have to provide offers that were earlier considered extras. A considerable amount of consumers may leave shopping carts if free shipping isn’t provided or if they think products will be hard to return.Since buying power is frequently shifting to the customers, you really need to try customer-friendly policies that will help you become more successful.

With the immense growth of online customers, there are three main ways a retailer can get desired success: reliable customer service, attractive price, and interactive user experience. If you are planning to come up with an ecommerce website in 2017 or 2018, you must consider all these above-mentioned points.

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Gaurav Mali works as a content manager at Baymediasoft Technologies – an ecommerce development company. Passionate about the technical writing; he has been involved in the cutting edge landscape of the web and mobile app development for more than three years.


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