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30+ New Creative Examples of Single Page Website Design

Single page design is very popular these days. Although it is not a common trend to follow but still new single page design come up and gets noticed by more and more designers, and they make use of them in their web design projects.

Every year new minor-major design trends come and go and it is important for the designers to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and use them in their current and upcoming projects. Web designers observe each other’s work and gets inspired. However, minor trends pop up from time to time, but here we will only speak about major web design trend – Single page design.

Almost certainly it is not simple to visualize what designers can accomplish with single pages as present age designers love to try out with new things and examine how people intermingle with their work. The best single pages are those that assist you in expressing your point into few swift scrolls. They are well designed and well-suited with nearly all web browsers.

New and Creative Single Page Website Designs for Inspiration

In this showcase, you will explore range of stunning, creative and most prominently inspiration single page design examples. Browse through them and give a spark to your design ideas.

Set to Sweat

Mirror Conf

Take the Highbrown


See Me in the Wonder

Lance Stroll


Marjoe Bacus

Future of Design



Sequoia Creative Lab




Netil Radio

Bettr CF7

Lemonly 2016 Report

Small Chat


GT Walsheim Font Family



Ricciardo for PM!

This Side of Rice

Weather to ride





Nicole Saidy

Studio Vedet

Reuters TV: 2016 Year in Review

Dino Balliana

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