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40 Brilliant SVG Icon Sets and Tools

On one hand, the web is turning out to be more and more visual, and even the shortest of texts are sustained by imagery. On the other hand, we have to pay lots of attention to loading times, in order to stop us from shocking off visitors, or even Google. With the improvement in the responsive web, a third element was added: a graphic’s capability to grip the unlike resolutions.

Scalable vector graphics, also known as SVG image objects, is the answer. Here, we have collected some outstanding SVG icon sets and online tools.

SVG Icon Sets

Free Download: 40 Valentine’s Icons


200 Holidays & Travel Icons Pack

 36 Beautiful Rounded Icons

240 Free Kitchen / Restaurant Icons

 Web Hosting & Technical Support Icons

Free Fruit Icons

Simple Line Icons – 100+ free icons

 100 Free Line-Style Icons

Weather icons set Free Vector

UI UX Icons

Free vector Foldicons

  Stroke Gap Icons – Webfont

60 Astonishing Flat Icons For Free


 200 Free Valentine’s Day Icon Pack

Simple Line Icons – Freebie

60 Stylish Round Icons – Meet The Roundicons

Free SVG icons for popular brands

Responsive E-Commerce Icon Set

Freebies – Social flat icons set

50 File Type Vector Icons

 150 outlined icons – PSD AI SVG Webfont


Metrize Icons

 Freebie: Pixelvicon Icon Set (80 Icons)

60 Free Industrial Icons

Rounded Icon Set

The Free Bitcoin Icon Set

 Free vector icons

SVG Web Tools



Plain Pattern





Method Draw


SVG Morpheus


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