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30+ Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers 2017

Quoted rightly, your blogs need to set that impact on the reader that drives them to read further. Now this is also based on the qualified content on your blog enticing the audience but again, interest stands on vibrant interface and comfy atmosphere. Concerning the blogger, these facts relate well to themes or templates that give your arena a classy look.

Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen

WordPress aids you through the arduous task of managing your content and effectively getting you on board with the latest themes appealing to your audience. Recognized as the best Content Management System as per the People’s choice, WordPress works in a collaborative environment building and organizing your content, saving you time and expensive designers. As you grow and your blog expands, you will definitely require a specialist in dealing with the work you earned out of perseverance. WordPress wills to be that specialist with honor.

Investing on a good theme is as of now, the most critical aspect you need to consider. With a hoard of choices available at your fingertips, the one that suits both desktop and mobile devices, offering the device user a wide view of your page along with superb accessibility, is a pre-requisite to any theme that benefits both the blogger and the reader.

Thankfully, we have taken this initiative to help both fresher and proficient bloggers to get the most out of WordPress by listing down a few exquisite themes you need to give a look before you land up spending on designers out of budget. Though your designer may recommend unique designs compatible to your content type, the following best WordPress themes for blogs ensure that you suffice your needs and build your blog coherently.

Check out 10+ Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers 2017 Below:


If you require a professional and responsive premium WordPress theme, with a contemporary touch, Jevelin is worth the try. It’s elegant and pre-structured plan is user-friendly and flexible besides being proficient at dealing with the latest tech in town. Bloggers looking for more options and demo websites need to check out this amazing theme with unique layouts before scrolling over any other theme to be certain.


When you choose Werkstatt, you are knocking at the right door for the numerous templates that it has to offer. Irrespective of the purpose you use it for; Werkstatt is the best WordPress theme for blogs used by professionals, newbies and freelancers as creative layouts take a firm stand in this responsive theme.


Avada is one of the best premium WordPress themes for bloggers dealing with vibrant content. This theme is preferable in case of portfolios and news sites that need sliders for user interaction. Agencies that look around for a theme that would suit their client’s privileges must to give one a fair shot.



Users need reviews to work better on their content and this makes Smartmag different from the rest of the responsive premium WordPress themes. It assists the blogger to view the ratings given by the audience and play accordingly. Furthermore, there are multiple layouts for different purposes like magazines, blogs or newspaper sites that need reviews.


Sahifa is the best WordPress blog theme for Apple users. When this theme is deployed for blogs, magazines or news site purposes, an icon gets displayed on their menu as a direct link to their blog giving them access to the browser instantly. Unique as it is, Sahifa is also adaptable and flexible.


Complicated themes tend to ruin the whole point of CMS. Breeze keeps it simple and sweet with numerous header blueprints. Shortcodes and widgets form a great deal of this theme out of the best WordPress blog themes.


Looking for themes providing a crispy and chic touch to your blog? ColorMag, in addition to that, brings you preferences of all sorts you may desire for. Magazine, Media, business sites or Publishing sites can be made using ColorMag, another greatly responsive premium WordPress theme.


Known for its flexibility and straightforward flair, Foodica is also among the best premium WordPress themes known so far. As the name suggests, Food bloggers use this theme extensively to promote or share their recipe as a token of interest. However, caterers, restaurants or critics too follow this theme for their respective goals.


With an army of tools to use, Kallyas progresses in the world of themes with creativity reflecting from it as a result of the perks it hold within. It is a multipurpose responsive theme and because of its high-end designs is one of the best WordPress blog themes.


Commonly used by professionals, Ink is a responsive premium WordPress theme that showcases your portfolios, minute details, and gives you the pleasure of sharing your story through the digital world of Internet. Its customized templates have been competently coded to give your blogs a complete score with superlative homepage grid.


What makes Spike the best WordPress theme for blogs is that the services they offer lets the user develop a distinct blog which is user-friendly and eye-catching. Moreover, the user gets access to custom widgets, short codes and finest optimizations thus making it one of the best responsive premium WordPress themes.


The planned template of this theme is such that textual content and pictures are balanced making it adaptable to magazines, private blogs and journals. The stylish approach and sleek interface makes it one of the best premium WordPress themes.









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