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10 Best Time Tracking Apps For Designers & Developers

Feeling worried whether your time is not getting well spent? We have compiled the list of best time tracking apps. These will help you monitor where your hours are getting spent and therefore you can spend your precious time wisely!

The best time tracking apps available for web designers, developers, freelancers, IT professionals etc. are as follows:

[Originally Published in Nov 2017, Last Updated on 1st Jan, 2018]

Timesheet Portal

Timesheet Portal gets the first position for being a highly intuitive time tracking solution whilst at the same time providing an abundance of features with many configuration options. In addition to timesheets, they also offer expenses and a facility for booking holidays, which are then linked back to the timesheets. Timesheets and expense claims can then be converted into client invoices using the client billing module. These can then be exported into a variety of accounting packages, giving the end user an end-to-end solution from time tracking to client billing.


  • Cloud based timesheets, expenses and holiday bookings, accessible via desktop, mobile or email.
  • Highly customisable, the portal can be branded and tailored to reflect the ideal workflow
  • Online expense submission, leave booking, self-Billing and client invoicing modules available
  • Extensive reporting capabilities to monitor project budgets, costs and margins against a variety of metrics
  • Generate client invoices directly from time & expenses captured, directly into Sage, Quickbooks, Xero and more



Twproject is a full-featured and simple to use online time tracking and project management software, which is a perfect choice for small, mid-sized and large corporations. It is the right choice if you are looking for an end to end solution to simplify your day to day project and time management woes. Twproject easily adapts to your work style, it lets you log time in several different ways reducing all extra efforts.

APS Payroll


APS Payroll comes in handy, whether it’s about employee time management or tracking employment expenses. Apart from time tracking, this software is an immense help when it comes to creating schedules and comparing costs, while at the same time assigning shifts to employees. You can also use any device to track labor expenses by accessing real-time reports of employees attendance. Better analytics and accurate timekeeping are some other advantages of this software, which works in accordance with core HR and payroll.

Time & Attendance Features:-

  • Time & Labor Management Unified with Core HR and Payroll
  • Streamlined Absence Management
  • Configurable Advanced Clock Rules
  • Employee Self-Services
  • Flexible Time Clock Solutions


FunctionFox - Time Tracking App

FunctionFox is the leading provider of timesheets and project management software for creative teams and designers. Users can track time, manage unlimited clients, projects, and tasks and get instant reporting to help save time and simplify billing. FunctionFox streamlines the process with all the right tools, allowing your creative team to focus on the work and Stay Creative.


  • Customize your own personal dashboard with all your favorite FunctionFox features.
  • Create infinite list of projects and clients
  • Compare estimated budgets with actual figures to keep projects on target and the scope under control.
  • Adding your projects is simple. Enter information only once and update as needed.
  • Schedule project milestones, meetings and actions in an easy to manage calendar view.



While Eylean Board is a project management solution, it should not be overlooked by those seeking a time tracker. Intuitive interface, easy time tracking setup and possibility to export data makes this a great time management tool.


  • Automatic and manual time tracking
  • Due dates, estimations and assignments
  • Various time tracking reports for better analysis
  • Possibility to track time and manage projects in one place

Standard Time

time tracking

Check out Standard Time! You now have a time tracking solution for all platforms including Web, Windows, Android, and iOS. Expect to fall in love with every feature. Expect the best U.S. based technical support. Timesheet and time tracking for one user or the entire enterprise. Be surprised!

  • Employee timesheet, with project tasks, PTO, totals, and pay periods
  • Project task dashboard, with estimates and actual, links, Gantt chart, project costs
  • Client invoicing, with time and expenses, invoice milestones, custom invoice templates
  • PTO accruals, with banks of hours, your company accrual policies, holidays



Output Time is the simple Time Tracking application that packs Tasks Management, Invoicing and Budget Management etc. Output Time is available on Online Cloud (US$ 4/user/month) and On-Premises Self-Hosted (US$ 449/lifetime) Platforms. With Output Time, you can track the time will be spent by your team members effortlessly just by a Single Click. It offers multiple views of Time sheets for your business convenience and lets you to approve the Billable and Non-billable hours easily. Also the powerful Reports instantly provides your Time Report, Project expenses, Profit and Loss in the Standard Business Reports format to keep you on track.

Other features include-

  • Track Time for precise billing
  • In a fraction of seconds, view & approve your employee’s time-sheets easily.
  • Generate reports of logged entries between specific dates or weeks.
  • Check how profitable your projects are.
  • Integrated with QuickBooks.
  • Accessible from anywhere on all devices.
  • Standard Integration facility to integrate with your favorite apps.



Emplotime is one of the best time tracking apps with many useful features.


  • Best and least expensive online time clock system.
  • Print and export reports to pdf, word and excel.
  • Sign up now and get 30 days free trial.
  • Choose features such as PTO, overtime, notes and many more, 24/7 support included.

Time Clock Wizard



TimeClock Wizard has its own distinctive features to stand out from the glut of other identical time tracking apps.


  • Easily track your employees time from multiple devices
  • Get real time notifications via email and SMS.
  • Offers Free plan to those who needs basic time tracking
  • Mobile apps to let you track time while on the go
  • Create, start and stop a task on the tap of your fingers.


9. Reporter

This is a time tracking app for iPhone users. It lets you manage time wisely by frequently asking you questions as a reminder. For instance, what are you doing? How many toffees you had today? Augment these default questions with your questions too. In this way, you can track your hours regularly. It is available for $3.99.

MoneyPenny Live Time Tracker

MoneyPenny Live Time Tracker

MoneyPenny.me is a very easy to use and intuitive application that allows to track time, projects and team performance from any device. It’s a perfect fit for teams. Users can track team efficiency and projects in real-time, from any mobile device.


  • Tap & go timer, time tracking available from any device
  • Integrated project tracking, live task tracking & team monitoring
  • Instant messaging and team communication plus live notifications via HipChat & Slack
  • Cloud-based time logging & billing, timesheet integration into invoices
  • Allows User status (Present, Absent, Break or Vacation) setup & activity color-mapping
  • Advanced time reports, including payroll reports, based on the live presence time calendar.

Wrapping It Up

Time tracking apps are a great way to consolidate work load and lead a happier life.


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