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Best Send Push Notifications Plugins for WordPress

The Push notifications which are also known as server push notifications are delivering the information from software application to some computing device and that too without a particular request from the clients.

Unlike the pull notifications where the clients need request information from the server, the push notifications basically originate from the server. Typically, the client needs to opt in for receiving the alerts, opt in generally takes place while the process of installation and the clients are offered different ways of managing the alerts just in case if they change their mind.

A benefit of push notifications is that technology does not need particular applications on the mobile devices for being open for messages to be received.

Different devices as well as services depend on different techniques for delivering the push notifications.

Benefits and uses of Push notifications

They help in promoting engagement

Most of the apps have a good percentage of clients who download the app, but don’t use it. The push notifications may be like a gentle reminder for the clients.

You just need to go beyond simple messages with MOBIT and experience real power of mobile channel.

  • User control – you do not run as big a risk of upsetting your clients with the push notifications as it is done with the other types of techniques of marketing as the users have an ability of turning off the push notifications.
  • Tracking the customer behavior – with the help of push notifications, you may analyze the times when the users who are employing the app.
  • Ease of use – push notifications have an easy interface, and are significantly less messy and intrusive than the emails and may be quickly dealt with as well as managed.

What you need look, if you’re choosing Push Notification Plug-ins?

Delite Studio


Now you can push notifications to Android, iOS and Fire OS devices while you publish any new post. You can easily alert your visitors whenever some new content is uploaded, converting them into loyal and regular leaders. It is just like the newsletter but much more efficient.

The push notification for WordPress lets the visitors focus on developing unique and beautiful apps without even developing your server back end.

One Signal


It is a free of cost WordPress plug-in which may offer unlimited push notifications. It supports Firefox, Chrome, Safari browsers, etc. It is a famous feature which is a rich plug-in that enables you to personalize opt in form and choose when to be displayed. It even permits you to test the messages to check which ones would offer a better rate of conversion. Along with the auto push notifications which are sent each time a new post iOS published.

Pushover Notifications for WordPress


The pushover notification is another good option is also good for sending the push notifications directly to the android and iOS devices. It has a wonderful interface and an easy functionality.

The pushover notifications presently assist the notifications for the new users, trackbacks/pingback, user specific password-reset notifications, theme upgrades, plug-in, core upgrades, post publications and notifying the authors for the registered users.

Push Monkey


This feature lets the clients send the push notifications to the desktops of the readers directly while the new content is still fresh.

Increased Engagement

The readers may be informed regarding the content you upload while reading the other websites with browser still being closed, even while the computer isn’t active.

Native outreach

The readers do not need to install any kind of additional plug-ins or apps.

Granular Filtering

You may easy decide as well as control for what content needs to be sent for notifications.


The push notifications by default are automatically sent while you publish any new post. In case the work flow does not sound good to you, there are more granular custom and filtering push notifications.

Desktop & Mobile Push Notification System WordPress Plug-in



With this specific plug-in, you have push notifications system just like and but for sending without any limit since the system connects with Google and Apple directly for sending the push notifications.

Also, the push notifications work with same browsers on the smart phones so that it works as you send the push notifications to the visitors.

The plug-in may connect with the table in the database which contains data of the tokens of the device.



This push notification works well on safari as well as chrome and the one for Firefox is being worked upon.

The website can easily send notifications to the visitors. When the visitors reach out to the website, they would see the prompt asking if you would wish to receive the latest updates. Once accepted, you would be able to easily send the push notifications.

Mobile App Plugin by MobiLoud


MobiLoud makes it very easy to transform any WordPress website into native mobile application for Android and iOS tablets and phones. It would work with BuddyPress, WooCommerce and most of the plug-ins as well as themes.

Roost Web Push


Roost is the most premium service assisting Chrome for Android and desktop, Safari and Firefox. Quick as well as easy to establish, the push notifications may be sent within a few minutes of uploading the plug-in.

The notifications may even be sent with the title of an article, a customized headline developed by you or even with a few images. Such features offer control over what every follower lets you customize the experience so that every subscriber gets messages.

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